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Released on = February 10, 2006, 5:53 am

Press Release Author = PresentaVid

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = PresentaVid is a powerful video presentation editor.

Press Release Body = PresentaVid is a powerful video presentation editor with nice
and easy interface advanced functionality. You can add remarks, notes, comments and
text labels on a video, put logos and symbols to video movie, add watermarks and
various graphics. All inserted object can be applied to video effects such as
transparency, fade-in and fade-out. Really easy interface with thumbnails video mode
assist to view and edit every frame of your videos. Time and Frames mode supports to
manage big films for advanced users.

Result videos can be published in many popular video formats such as Flash Movies
(SWF and FLV), AVI Video, Windows Videos (WMV), MPEG and much more.

By using PresentaVid you can add callouts to video, control over the size, color,
transparency, fade-in and fade-out, positions, orientations, texts and much more.
You can use standard callouts or make your own callouts in callout editor.

This program is designed for managers, teachers and students and just for users who
wants to create presentations or movies, with brief description or explanation of
subject. It has easy interface and is very easy to use. You do not need any special
programs or plugins for putting callouts in. That's why even newbie can manage it
easily. PresentaVid aids you in successfully producing or sharing your presentation
or video.

Except for that you can make a video installation. In other words you can make your
video more interesting, creative and funny by adding effects like you saw in comics
or put the logo to the video and publish your new project in any video or flash
format that you need.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: Viborgskaya nab 29, St.Petersburg
United States of America

Phone Number: 3365602

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