Charity Begins at Home - Giving back before they`re in the black

Released on = March 13, 2006, 12:46 pm

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Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = How many businesses donate a whole website to charity before
they've even made a penny?
For one UK based company,, if it's good enough for them, it's good
enough for charity.

Press Release Body = London, United Kingdom - Got-Charity?

2006 started with a couple of friends scratching their heads on a way to promote
their home made hot-sauce. After being thoroughly confused by all the internet
marketing gurus they decided to go back to basics. Create a place where people who
liked hot-sauce could find out about other people who liked, you guessed it -
hot-sauce. was born, a niche focused portal of sorts.

After spending a little time getting the word out, inquiries came in to ask if they
knew of any websites where people could find tattoos designs, some asked about
wedding suppliers and others organic clothing. That\'s when their "eureka" moment
came and the \'Got-\' sites were born.

Not intending to run after commercial success, they believed a gap in the internet
advertising market was staring them in the face and they decided to do something
about it.

With one of the biggest charity events of the year approaching, the London Marathon,
they decided that rather than waiting to hit the big time, before giving back to
charity, would donate, free advertising to any
charitable organization wanting coverage on their already busy network of Got-

"We felt that many small based businesses couldn\'t afford to donate as much as
they\'d like, but we could go the whole hog and give them a website of their own"
said a representative of the company., an imaged based site is arguably giving more \'visibility\' than a
text based search page would. The company has already placed many of the larger
charities like RSPCA, Oxfam, Cancer Research and the Salvation Army on the \'pixel
blocked\' page.

Far from a marketing ploy, a representative claims that a lot of
time, money and hard work have gone into the site and will continue to do so until
the page is full and enough people know the exists. "It\'s a
classic win win situation, for us and all the charities involved"

The company is calling on all charities big and small to go to the site and contact
a representative to get their organization up there and get involved.

They say charity begins at home, but thinks this could be the home
of charity.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Julian Hall
Olive Rd
London , NW2 6UU


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