Fan Project brings 2006 Fans to the Soccer World Cup Final

Released on = March 12, 2006, 10:05 pm

Press Release Author = michael gaigg

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary =
With only three months to go soccer fans are thrilled to await the greatest sporting
event of the year, the 2006 Fifa World Cup. They know it is up to their enthusiasm
to support their heroes on the field. These fans will play a key role in the outcome
of the games and become the focus of attention.

Press Release Body = The 2006FanPoster (as to be seen at is dedicated to give 2006 fans the opportunity to show
their support by posting the best, funniest, craziest, most memorable FanPicture on
one poster. \"Soccer is a religion, a multi-national battle without weapons fought by
modern-day gladiators and semi-gods. I wanted to unite 2006 of the most enthusiastic
fans, the ambassadors of their country, peacefully and face to face on one colourful
FanPoster\", says Michael Gaigg, founder and administrator of the website based in California, USA about his vision.

Driven by the fascination of supportership Michael Gaigg started the non-profit
webpage that gives fans the possibility to upload their best
FanPicture. Soon this vision was shared by Gerhard Muthenthaler, an innovative
entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany, who owns the company specialized
on innovation marketing. \"I loved the idea of connecting people across the nations.
The FanPoster is the perfect representation of creative innovation and will present
2006 Fans that have two things in common: passion and the power of believe!\" says
Gerhard Muthenthaler.

Four months before the World Cup Final in Berlin and without advertisement the
2006FanPoster has already subscribed fans from over 33 countries with the Republic
of Macedonia in the lead, followed by Peru, the United Kingdom and Albania. The
United States are currently in fifth place. \"I find it extremely entertaining to see
the FanPoster grow and it is the first thing I do every morning to check the webpage
for new fans. The FanPoster is like an adventure with something new to discover all
the time. Clicking the world map and seeing all those happy fans with their
colourful pictures is a welcome change to the hard working life\", says Michael
Gaigg. Simple clicks on the FanPoster show the individual fans with their
FanPicture, link to their own FanPage and favourite cheer. Visitors to the website
can also vote for the \'Fan of the Week\' or simply browse through the list of fans.

The goal of the 2006FanPoster initiative is to complete and print the FanPoster for
the final game of the World Cup and hang it in the Olympiastadium in Berlin. The
size and location is yet to be determined and will depend greatly on the support of
sponsors and officials. Gerhard Muthenthaler is convinced to find the perfect
solution. In the meantime is open for subscriptions
(signing up is easy and free of charge) for soccer fans who share the passion for
the greatest sport ever! Share it too and cheer for your country like Juan from
Spain: "A la bim a la bam, a la bim bom bam, Espana, Espana! Y nadie mas!"

Web Site =

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Contact: Michael Gaigg (USA), 217 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92373,

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