Martin Broadcasting and BreedersUSA Inc as an Affiliate TV station; bring you BreedersUSATVcom

Released on = March 21, 2006, 9:00 pm

Press Release Author = BreedersUSA Inc.

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Martin Broadcasting and eGoWare Create Strategic Alliance,
Making Video on Demand (VOD) Virtually Obsolete
Martin Broadcasting and eGoWare team up to take Video on Demand to a higher level
with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Direct to Desktop Push-Pull Technology T to
provide internet TV and Video on Demand viewers instant movies on their PC.

Press Release Body = Moreno Valley, CA December 15, 2005 --

Customers renting movies at the video store or ordering online who wait for lengthy
downloads, now have the power of combined exclusive Direct to Desktop Push-Pull
Patented Technology& trade;. End-users benefit by scheduling movies or programs
direct to their desktop, anytime it\'s convenient for their viewing desires.

With the difficulties movie studios, video rental stores, music labels and other
technology firms are encountering today, this new exclusive desktop technology is
the solution. Consumers who don\'t want to wait for the big companies like CBS, AOL
and others to unveil their internet TV and Video on Demand programming in 2006 can
see a taste of what is to come in December 2005.

"No other company worldwide has what we offer. This strategic move will allow us to
compete with the largest players in the TV, Movie, Video and Internet Industry as we
deploy the latest (VOD) Video on Demand technologies and take them to a higher
level" said Greg Martin, Chairman of Both firms have created
an exclusive interactive platform which is unavailable with video players currently
in the marketplace.

Since July 2005, Martin Broadcasting has been offering internet broadcast
programming 24 hours-a-day, free to its viewers worldwide through affiliate
stations. The new VOD DRM technology debuts in December of 2005.

Subscribers and internet TV viewers will choose from a list of movies, music and
programs owned by Martin Broadcasting and its related firm WWPDL and have immediate
access on their desktop or laptop at their convenience. Additionally, consumers will
view movies or any of the many thousands of titles and programs offered by on their PC or TV entertainment system. These can be scheduled
days, weeks, or months in advance. This technology also creates an anti-piracy
licensing tool that will please the industry without annoying end-users who desire
to make legitimate back-up copies of their CDs or DVDs while being compliant with
the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

"We are pleased not only with the relationship we have forged with Martin
Broadcasting but also that we are able to jointly provide a much needed solution to
the problem the video and music industry faces, which appears to be wreaking havoc
with their sales and consumer relations. Our digital rights management techniques
are the solution for anyone in the music, broadcast, video or rental industry" said
Ralph Conley, CEO of eGoWare. joins over 40 affiliate internet TV stations nationwide through
an affiliate agreement with Martin Broadcasting providing free internet television
to consumers worldwide with satellite expansion due in the first quarter 2006.

eGOware serves customers worldwide, representing Healthcare, Sales Management,
Homeland Security, Missing Person Alerts, Ministry and Online Enterprises. eGOware
provides customers with true Permission Communication.

Daniel Hect- CEO
BreedersUSA Inc (800) 334-3031

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Contact Details = Daniel Hect||16745 War Cloud DR. ||Moreno Valley ,

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