`Thousands Of Network Marketers Are `Cleaning-Up` This Spring`

Released on = April 13, 2006, 9:39 am

Press Release Author = DiAnna McDowell

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Making good on New Year\'s Resolutions, frustrated
distributors, while participating in a free,two-hour training, learn to throw away
out-dated marketing techniques and replace them with common-sense tools guaranteed
to be earning $50,000 by the end of a year.

Press Release Body = Over 4,000 motivated entrepreneurs have plugged in to the
fastest-growing, live training organization in America in order to turn around their
failing home-based businesses. Hundreds of these are multi-level marketing (MLM)
distributors who have sought the personal mentorship of a "work at home mom". She
connects them with a proven MLM success system. DiAnna McDowell, out of South
Jordan, UT, is offering hope, and two hours of free, interactive training to
big-hearted entrepreneurs who refuse to let their financial dreams die.

Ms. McDowell is a busy, multi-tasking mother qualified to offer mentoring to peers
because of her success in applying the simple system that has generated millions of
dollars in revenue with various products and services. "One of the greatest
injustices in the marketing world happens when average, ordinary people are
convinced to set up a business without being given the proper "how-to" steps to put
that business into profit," says Ms. McDowell of the network marketing or MLM
industry. In fact, the truer picture of MLM business success has been explained by
Jeffrey Babener, a partner in a Portland, Oregon law firm, Babener & Associates, who
represents many network marketing companies. He said, "Probably less than one
percent of the individuals who join an MLM company will make huge money."

In spite of those numbers, Ms. McDowell knows that she can offer tools and
techniques to those veteran distributors who are looking for answers, before their
dreams are dashed and their money is wasted on useless and expensive marketing
gimmicks. Her mentoring first comes in the form of a complimentary report that
introduces proven techniques, keys, and methods that can steer any marketer to be
earning a $50,000 minimum income within 12 months. This simple, step-by-step system
was tested and formulated from a foundation of 30 years of marketing experience and
is backed up by a written guarantee.

DiAnna McDowell is a certified graduate and mentor in the art and science of marketing.
She can be contacted with inquiries for obtaining the free report and scheduling the
complimentary training session at www.provenmlmsuccess.com .


Web Site = http://www.provenmlmsuccess.com

Contact Details = DiAnna McDowell

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