Easyplants now sells artificial plants and trees products range online

Released on = April 17, 2006, 6:05 am

Press Release Author = Peter Drinkell

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = Easy Plants, one of the leading UK suppliers of artificial
plants has opened on-line store at http://www.easyplants.co.uk

Press Release Body = Easyplants, one of the leading name among UK suppliers of
artificial plants and trees has opened its online shop at the website

Peter Drinkell Managing Director of Easyplants explains, "The convenience aspect was
a huge factor in implementing the online ordering facility, through
research/customer feedback and by demand our simple easy to use ordering facility
was implemented this February.

Offering the client the option of either ordering by phone or the internet will
capture a larger audience for Easyplants.

Our current range of products are very popular across the UK, however we are not
stopping there our new product range of over 35 products will be available for
online shopping soon. The current Artificial plants portfolio from Easyplants
consists of 11 trees and plants all available for online ordering: Chinese Bambo,
Traditional Bamboo
Phenix Bamboo, Fragrans Bay, Japanese Fruticosa, Laurel Bay, Olive tree, Oriental
Wild Ficus, Pineapple tree, and Bracenias (either Dark Green or Variagated

When the new product arrives, it will be a superb collection of artificial trees and
plants to compliment any business or home environment," continues Peter, "We have a
varied variety of new products in the new consignment, from the popular potted
plants through to the very latest in topiary trees, we are constantly listening to
our customers wishes and preferences to provide them with the best products on the
market but still at affordable prices.

To see how adaptable and easy our online ordering facility is, go to our website
http://www.easyplants.co.uk where you can place an order online for any item within
our portfolio and then get your product delivered in 24 Hours without picking up the
telephone, you cant get better than that," finishes Peter

Web Site = http://www.easyplants.co.uk/

Contact Details = Easy Plants
Order line: 01472 340350
108 Cleethorpe Road
North East Lincolnshire
DN31 3HW

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