Free Space for Fifty UK Registered Charities on the Longest Web Banner in the World

Released on = April 3, 2006, 11:22 am

Press Release Author = Tara Roskell

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = To celebrate the launch of the website the Longest Web
Banner in the World, the company is offering 50 UK Registered charities a free 120
pixel banner space.

Press Release Body = On 31st March two designers Rakesh Patel and Tara Roskell,
based in Northamptonshire, England launched their new website, a unique new concept
to create a web banner, which they hope will grow to become the longest web banner
in the world. They have taken the idea of a web banner, as seen on websites every
day and made it into an entity in its own right. To celebrate the launch of the
Longest Web Banner in the World they would like to offer fifty UK registered
charities a 150 pixel long space on the banner. Ten of the fifty charities, picked
at random will also have the option of having their advert professionally designed
for free.

The banner home page features random images/adverts so whether you were the first
person to place an image or the last, your image should have equal amount of
exposure. Each advert can have a URL link and short description which can be
organised by category or alphabetically. There is a category specifically for
charities to advertise their fundraising events and other aspects of their charity.
The banner is for both for business and personal use so the potential market is

UK registered charities interested in free space on the Longest Web Banner in the
World should contact for more information. Free banner
space offered on a first come first served basis.


Web Site =

Contact Details = Tara Roskell
Ivydene House.
Ivydene Terrace,

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