MFE presents Combined Media for the International Beauty Industry

Released on = April 10, 2006, 10:54 am

Press Release Author = Franziska Bastanier

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Although Internet offers unbeatable advantages for fast
information there will always be people who prefer printed media. Therefore a
concept of combined media as offered by the German publisher MFE Media Ferderal is

Press Release Body = It is well proved, that even the best Internet performance
needs classic promotion, in order to stand out from the growing jungle of
information. Apart from that and despite the further developments of multimedia
possibilities, there will always be people who like gathering information based on
printed material.

MFE Media Federal Europe has therefore developed the so called combined media, a
combination of printed directories and a B2B trade network for under
With this combination of print and online media under the name of International
Supply Manager, the publisher offers companies involved in the import export
business a highly efficient service, to build up new business contacts.

Designed as directories or export catalogs with additional valuable information, all
printed issues are excellent sources of information for international buyers.
The virtual marketplace on the Internet helps international buyers to quickly search
and find products, to directly communicate with suppliers and manufacturers, to get
general information about the industry as well as to publish special product
The registered buyer can use all different industry databases free of charge. The
system allows an array of multiple searches for individual suppliers, according to
categories or product names, free distributorship or country of origin.

One of the latest publications is targeting the Cosmetic Industry and covers all
areas of beauty and body care, cosmetic accessories as well as salon equipment and
furnishing and includes among others the following products: Decorative cosmetics,
perfumes, skincare, manicure and pedicure implements and nail-care, hair and body
care, accessories, professional hairdressing supply, drugstore supply, products and
devices for wellness applications, for treatments in the cabin and in aesthetic
institutes as well as furniture and other equipments for cosmetic and hairdressers

Web Site =

Contact Details = For further information please contact
MFE Media Federal Europe
Unterhainstrasse 52
63743 Aschaffenburg, Germany
Tel. +49/6021-391850
Fax +49/6021-391850

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