New Marketing Ebook Reveals How to Make More Sales, Attract More Clients and Generate All the Repeat Business You Could Wish For

Released on = April 22, 2006, 5:21 pm

Press Release Author = Tina Clark/Jon Clarke Publishing Group

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Your Business Has But One Purpose: To Generate Clients or
Sell Stuff

Press Release Body = Dallas, TX. (PRWEB) April 24, 2006-Jon Clarke Publishing Group
is now offering an eMarketing guide revealing how to make more sales, attract more
clients and generate all the repeat business you could wish for. What you will learn
is a straight to the point, no-nonsense approach to marketing your business more
In most companies, when business is slow, the first reaction is to spend more on
marketing. \"Improve your image, get your name out there more, create new logos and
slogans...\" is the cry. Indeed, most marketing consultants will tell you that\'s
exactly what you must do. But is this always the right solution? Are these marketing
consultants serving your best interests, or their own?
Tina Clark, senior partner with Jon Clarke Publishing Group says," Typically a
marketing consultant, advertising agent or graphic designer will talk to you about
image, branding, and slogans.
If, however, you\'re looking for someone to help you to get the phone ringing more,
get more visitors to your website, more visitors to your retail outlet and to help
you convert more of them into satisfied, paying clients, then we\'re on the same
wavelength... The bottom line is that in order to really learn something, you need
to learn it from someone who has, and still does, do it themselves. In the end, all
that matters is making more sales and enjoying the resultant profit."
"Make More Sales, Attract More Clients and Generate All the Repeat Business You
Could Wish For" as the title also says is a guide to getting more customers; but not
just any kind of customers. You\'ll get more loyal customers. You'll discover how to
differentiate yourself, your company and whatever your product or services are. It
reveals a completely different approach to marketing that allows you to create
outstanding results quickly and easily, and anyone can copy these methods-- once
they understand them.

The marketing tips revealed in this easy to read, plain language e-book has already
turned around many struggling businesses and now it can do the same for you. It's
powerful, proprietary and simple. Anybody can follow it.

Business owners can access this e-book at and learn more
about making more sales and attracting more clients.

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