Tale of a junior minister popularly known as CASIO Babar in Bangladesh

Released on = April 12, 2006, 2:56 pm

Press Release Author = Shamim

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Bangladesh Home Minister Lutfuzzaman Babar, is also
popularly known as CASIO Babar. CASIO is a popular brand of wrist watch in
Bangladesh. His rise as a businessman in Bangladesh was through smuggling CASIO
brand of watch. Later on he became a part of money laundering industry in
Bangladesh. Now known as champion of human right violator.

Press Release Body = I feel pity for any one who leaving in civilized world can draw
a picture of Lutfuzzaman Babar as a Woodley Town hero! He is not a shame to his
country only but a shame to the humanity. Atrocity under his ministry and the
government of Khalida Zia widow of brutal Gen.Ziaur Rahman the country's first
military dictator, undermining the human dignity. Human right violation is taking
place in Bangladesh every day. Sunrise to sunset in that 24 hours on average 2
civilian will die in the hands of elite force such as RAB (Rapid Action Battalion).
Extra judicial killing rose to 500 to 600 a year under the leadership of Home
Minister Lutfuzzaman Babar (CASIO Babar).
You don't need to believe my word, please follow this link of international reports
on extrajudicial killing and human right violation in Bangladesh under his and his
Prime Minister Khalida Zia's regime.

Please do not solicit for criminals, and do not misrepresent Bangladesh especially
to innocent foreigners who have no idea about Bangladesh. Your misguided storyline
will make them completely lost.

Bangladesh used to be something different then now until this regime came into power
under a coalition 4 party alliance. Out of this four party alliance 2 of them are
Jamat-I-Islami and Islami Oikko Jote. These two radical islamist organization
completely top to bottom supporter of Osama Bin Ladene's Tailaban government. Their
main slogan was (now they keep mum since 9/11) "We are Taliban - Bangla will become
Afghan). How could you? How could you support these murderers?

Please visit the following link and hundreds of others to know the facts of CASIO
Babar and his government.
Shamim Chowdhury
Email: veirsmill@yahoo.com

YEAR 2004

Highlight: The Home Affairs Ministry controls the police and paramilitary forces,
which have primary responsibility for internal security. The army is responsible for
external security but also occasionally has been given domestic security
responsibilities. The Government created a new police unit, the Rapid Action
Battalion (RAB), composed of personnel from different law enforcement and security
agencies, including the military, to deal with violent criminals. The civilian
authorities maintained effective control of the security forces. The RAB and
security forces committed human rights abuses and were rarely disciplined, even for
egregious actions. Police were often reluctant to pursue investigations against
persons affiliated with the ruling party, and the Government frequently used the
police for political purposes. Members of the security forces committed numerous
serious human rights abuses.

Section 1 Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom From:
a. Arbitrary or Unlawful Deprivation of Life
Security forces committed numerous politically motivated and extrajudicial killings.
The police, the BDR, and the RAB used unwarranted lethal force.
During the year, there were an increased number of killings by security personnel
(see Section 1.c.). Nearly all abuses went uninvestigated and unpunished. The
resulting climate of impunity remained a serious obstacle to ending abuse and
killings. In the few instances where charges were levied, punishment of those found
guilty was predominantly administrative. According to press reports, the RAB killed
79 persons during the year in an ongoing anticrime operation. There were also
reports of crossfire deaths at the hands of police. The deaths, all under unusual
circumstances, occurred while the accused were in custody and during police
operations; however, the Government described the deaths of some identified
criminals as occurring in crossfire between the RAB and crime gangs.
Please read Human Right Watch report on how Bangladesh government trat its religious
minority under the present leadership of Prime Minsiter Khaleda Zia and Home Minster

Link for report: http://hrw.org/english/docs/2005/06/16/bangla11139.htm

Highlight: The Bangladesh government has aligned itself with extremist groups that
foment violence against the minority Ahmadiyya community, Human Rights Watch said in
a report released today

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Contact Details = Washington DC

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