Book promotion with $12k bonus hits No 1 at Amazon Beating The Da Vinci Code

Released on = May 21, 2006, 1:45 pm

Press Release Author = Organize Everything | Organize Life

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Mark Joyner launched a new book \'The Great Formula\' on the
19th May without spending a dime in advertizing and 2 days later hits the the #1
spot at Amazon beating \"The Da Vinci Code\".

Press Release Body = Click here for a screen capture picture showing The Great Formula at #1 on Amazon.

Thailand 22 May 2006 - In a fantastic example of buzz marketing, internet joint
ventures, and grass roots marketing campaign, Mark Joyner has managed to beat out
one of the best-selling books of all time on the day of its world-wide film release
and an all-media promotion blitz.

This campaign is also great testament to the power of the Internet. Not a single
dime of money was paid in advertising for this campaign and the effects of this
accomplishment will ripple forward in time.

Well, the secret may be found in the promotion Mark put together for his book
. When
someone purchases the book, they also receive over 88+ bonuses with a retail value
of over $12K. That\'s real stuff being sold right now for that price.

Many experts are saying The Great Formula is one of the most meaningful, pithy, and
to-the-point statements of \"what works\" marketing ever written.

\"Truly a new perspective.\" Joe Sugarman, Chairman of BluBlocker Corporation, and
Author of \"Trigger\"

\"Incendiary! The tightest book on marketing I\'ve ever read.\" Ben Mack, Former
Senior VP BBDO

But there is a problem. A big problem, for the many people who have registered for
those bonuses.

They are now overwhelmed with 88 excellent products that will take hundreds of hours
to get through, and they also are now subject to a shower of emails coming from each
one of those 88 product sources.

Nathan Shaw, Organize Dr. of has
developed a very insightful list of 7 tips that will save anyone who gets the
bonuses from being overwhelmed.

T Monro says in response to Nathan\'s tips. \"Swamped? I\'m so overloaded I babble!...
wish I had the suggestions in your email before all this happened, but I certainly
plan to use them to help straighten out the overload I\'ve got now. Thanks\"

Nathan Shaw\'s tips are available on his blog at Organize It

You can see some of the available bonuses that come with The Great Formula by
clicking the big red button at the books promotion page

Nathan Shaw runs Organize Everything | Organize Life
which delivers information products and a home study course for getting life

Contact Nathan Shaw for more on what he does, including exclusively written feature
articles on any topic related to organization. Direct line: (+66) 261 291 99 Ext
610 Email: .

Web Site =

Contact Details = Nathan Shaw
Room 610, 454 Tharin Place, Phaya Thai, Petchaburi Soi 5
Rajcethewe , 10400


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