Solve the Blocked fuel supply problem to main diesel engines

Released on = May 7, 2006, 12:12 pm

Press Release Author = Phil Hughes/EESIFLO International

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Blocked fuel supply problem to main engine

Press Release Body = Some reports have seen a vessel's main diesel engine stop
during a voyage . The fuel oil flow to the main engine an be blocked by a flow meter
which has stopped. Small impurities in the fuel oil may cause seizure of rotating
parts in some flow meters of the positive displacement type, resulting in a sudden
and complete stop of the fuel oil supply. The same may also happen due to mechanical
failure of the drive mechanism of the flow counter. Flow meters are normally fitted
with an integral strainer/filter, which in case of clogging may cause a gradual
reduction of the fuel oil flow.

In one typical fuel oil arrangement the flow meter is fitted on the suction side of
the fuel oil booster pump. In another arrangement the flow meter is fitted on the
pressure side of the booster pump. The EESIFLO CTT METER is a non intrusive
flowmeter and does not have inherent problems of stoppage both of propulsion diesel
engines and diesel generators due to blockage of fuel supply caused by flow meters.

One solution for these flow meters of positive displacement type should be to
regularly monitor them during operation. Additionally, the fuel oil flow arrangement
can be designed so that blocking/stopping of the flow meter does not cut the fuel
supply to the diesel engines. This can be achieved, for example, by fitting a bypass
differential pressure valve across the flow meter.

Another solution is to use a clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter. These flowmeters are not
affected by seizure or frictional problems because the sensors use ultrasound to
measure the flow. Previously, this kind of technology had not been considered
because of irregularites in flow reporting. This could be due to changes in
temperature of the liquid media or inadequate measurement techniques . Some
companies have managed to solve these problems but the end products are simply too
expensive . Ship owners and managers who have purchased higher priced but high
quality non-intrusive flowmeters have benefited in the long run and savings have
become a reality due to zero maintenance and measurement stability over time.

EESIFLO has patented a new kind of ultrasonic flowmeter technique which uses
ultrasonic propagation techniques that are not affected by a change in fuel
temperature. Flow measurement outputs are linear and the CTT flowmeter will not
interfere with the fuel process since the measurements are non-invasive.

For more information on CTT flowmeters, please contact EESIFLO International 's
Product development team

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