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Released on = May 15, 2006, 1:00 pm

Press Release Author = Missy DePew

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = MomMeTV is an Internet television channel founded by Missy
DePew, a stay-at-home mom. She gives information and details about MomMeTV.

Press Release Body = Aurora, CO (May, 2006). Always dreamed of starring in your
own TV spot and getting the chance to talk about the issues that are important to
you? Could the possibilities of adding video content to your products help you to
generate more sales and more exposure for your business? Then, now is the time to
join the Internet Television Revolution and sign up for MomMeTV

MomMeTV is an Internet television channel founded by Missy DePew, a stay-at-home mom
to Ally, 6 and Ryan, 3. The channel provides MomCasts, which are short snack-sized
video segments featuring moms talking about everything and anything, Mom Blogs, and
also Mom Vloggers (video journals). The video segments are not only seen on
MomMeTV, but can also be shared with friends and family and syndicated on your
website, blog, vlog, or personal page for free. Women from all stages of motherhood
can see and hear mom\'s talk about topics that matter most, feel their excitement,
and ultimately relate and learn.

DePew states, "I founded MomMeTV Entertainment, Inc., because I never want moms to
feel they are alone. When I had my daughter, Ally, I felt very isolated. I quit my
job as a television producer to stay home and I found it hard to connect with other
moms. MomMe TV offers the solution to that."

Here are some other advantages of MomMeTV:

The ability to discuss topics concerning the moms of today: Topics such as health
issues, weight loss, daycare, advice, best deals, snacks (food), products, services,
books, marriage, sex, beauty, funny stories, birthday parties, home-based
opportunities, and many more

Tremendous advertising potential: There are thousands of consumer packaged goods,
baby products, maternity clothing, and household appliance companies that would be
eager to place commercials and billboards in front of the MomCast segments and other
original programming. Plus, for all work-at-home moms, you can have other moms
review your products or tell us about your product via video.

Ease of Use: Do you think it's hard to do? It's not. You can make and submit your
own MomCast in your home with your own video camera. And best yet, you can add your
MomCast video segments along with hundreds more to your own site, blog, vlog or
personal page in addition to being on the MomMeTV.

One MomCaster, Amy Moravec Sauerbret states, " Finally, a practical and fun resource
that allows the \"real experts\" of motherhood to voice their ideas, funny stories,
good advice and experiences! I read magazines and books that tell me how mothering
should be done, but nothing helps me more than getting practical advice from the
"mom next door." "A great concept...and fun to do."

So pass the word to your sisters, girlfriends, co-workers, etc. and invite them to
MomMeTV ( The potential for moms and MomMe TV is huge - the
more women who share their stories, the richer we all are. Our strength is in
joining together with compassion. Viva la revolution! Viva la Mama!

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Contact Details = Missy DePew

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