Through competitive analysis competitors discover who is getting the most online traffic

Released on = June 6, 2006, 8:28 am

Press Release Author = Momentum Web Solutions

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Search engine optimisation company based in Oxford announces
competitive website analysis service that is affordable for small businesses

Press Release Body = Oxford, UK - May 31, 2006 - Momentum Web Solutions Limited, a
provider of website optimisation services to start-up and SME organisations in the
UK, today announced its competitive positioning analysis services to provide greater
insights into the performance of online competitors in major UK search engines.
Many businesses have realised the web is up to five times more cost-effective than
other marketing channels. For many SME and start-up organisations it is the only way
they can reach customers worldwide. However without strategic competitive analysis
many SME organisations find it difficult to plan effectively in order to succeed

A Competitor website analysis enables them to gain crucial insights into the levels
of online competition in their market as well as discover which of their competitors
are getting the most online traffic. Research and planning allows SME organisations
to implement website strategies to precisely target online efforts towards customers
who are most likely to make a purchase through their website or e-shop.

A crucial element for competitive analysis is applying online competitive insights
to help set benchmarks so that the ROI is clearly visible from online campaigns.
This enables online businesses to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of web
marketing to colleagues and helps in targeting online marketing budget where it will
be most effective. In additional competitive analysis can help in researching new
products and geographic markets through gaining an understanding of the levels of
web competition.

About Momentum

Momentum Web Solutions provides online marketing services to small and medium-sized
enterprises (SME) and start-up organisations in the UK. Momentum\'s services are
particularly relevant for organisations in transition, or for whom the results of
current online activities do not match business aspirations. The benefits to clients
of Momentum\'s services are intended to be dramatic and compelling, providing visible
results and clear ROI for online investments. Momentum web marketing services
include online sales optimisation, web competitor research and web marketing
services, including search engine marketing, optimisation and promotion.

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Contact Details = Momentum Web Solutions Limited
The Oxford Centre for Innovation
Mill Street

Phone: 01865 811146

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