BILLIONAIRES - corporate board members communicate with billionaires

Released on = July 23, 2006, 4:03 pm

Press Release Author = Ben Henry Campbell

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Corporate board members can establish communications with
billionaires with secret information published by a super-secret website.

Press Release Body = Corporate board members can establish communications with
billionaires with mailing address and telephone information published by a
super-secret website. The website is located at internet URL:

The website publishes a computer diskette that contains the corporate mailing
addresses and corporate telephone numbers of 300 U.S. billionaires. The computer
diskette is discribed in detail on the website.
The website explains that complex and stategic processes were needed to obtain
the rare and difficult to obtain information. Information for many billionaires
indexed, had to be tracked down and their mailing addresses and telephone numbers
confirmed and verified by comparison and cross-reference to published business
indexes and business directories. Sometimes days were required just to obtain the
address and telephone number of just one billionaire.
The persons identified on the diskette are the very same persons indexed in the
Forbes magazine Billionaires Edition.
Corporate board members can use the information on the diskette to locate
prospective new board members, possible investors in their corporation, superrich
investors, professional investors, venture capital sources, new subsidiary
startup investors, opinion leaders, super-wealthy consumers, experts on
specialized subjects, industry leaders, equity investors, influential persons,
merger/acquisition candidates, multi-corporation board members, richest persons
in the United States, experts in corporate governance, wall-street type
investors, and to secure billionaire type investors, in general. There are all
types of uses of this rare and difficult to obtain information. And, you can
easily use it on your desktop computer whenever you want too.
The wewbsite also has a diskette entitled CANADIAN SUPERRICH which has recorded
address information and telephone information for the 100 richest persons in
This information can be the ideal reference for corporate board members who need
to communicate with billionaires.
For more information about the billionaires and the addresses and telephone
numbers of billionaires, recorded on the computer diskette visit the website at


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Contact Details = Ben Henry Campbell

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