One to Watch - Canadian New Media Company Officially Launches, Prime for Web 2 Success

Released on = July 20, 2006, 10:29 am

Press Release Author = MediaMiser

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = MediaMiser, a Canadian media analysis solutions company, has
launched based on web 2.0

Press Release Body = Ottawa and Toronto-MediaMiser, offering technology-based media
analysis solutions, today officially launched their company along with a software
solution that will revolutionize the way businesses and government track and analyze
the news.

MediaMiser ( was built from the ground up without venture capital
investment, and has quietly become the go-to solution for public relations and
communications departments looking for cost-effective and thorough media analysis.

Already with a stable of Canada's top brands and leading federal and provincial
departments subscribed to their proprietary media analysis software, MediaMiserT
Enterprise, the company is looking to generate more national awareness with
increased PR and marketing initiatives-and today officially came out of stealth

"Building our company with our own investment and sweat equity required a different
way of thinking to ensure long term success," said, Vice President of Client
Services and Co-Founder Chris Morrison. "We've kept a low profile to date so we
could stay under the radar as we added new features and formed our team. By doing
this, we created cost-effective solutions for ourselves that ultimately mean a
greater return on investment for our customers."

The idea for creating a software solution to help better manage and analyze media
content was the brainchild of Brett Serjeantson-who benefits from a unique
combination of public relations experience with extensive software and database
development. He believes the company is a great illustration of the next generation
of web-based solutions-a movement becoming commonly known as 'Web 2.0.'

"There was an opportunity to completely change the way media analysis was conducted
and we've tackled it using a unique combination of technology along with numerous
data sources and business intelligence information-which is what 'Web 2.0' should be
all about," says, Chief Technology Officer and Founder Serjeantson. "We might not
see the gravity defying growth and frenzied investment that is identified with the
early Dotcom experience, but we are guaranteed to see greater success with this next
wave of web-based solutions, and MediaMiser is a great example of this. The
bottom-line is, \'Web 2.0\' phenomenon is more about need and less about greed.\"

The automated media analysis that is produced in real-time using MediaMiser
Enterprise was developed specifically for the needs of the communications and public
relations' industry. A series of graphical charts and data streams are created
on-the-fly to measure or analyze: key issues, top reporters and media outlets, share
of voice, brand prominence, article type, circulation, spokesperson quotes and
regional impact-all cross-referenced by tone/sentiment of the media articles
specifically rated for each individual client.

"We offer a variety of consulting solutions to complement our software offering,"
says Morrison. "This includes in depth written analysis reports, daily distribution
of media clips, content provider selection, and tonality. We realize the most
effective way to provide accurate and consistent article tone is through human-based
scoring-while technology can help automate and cross reference the report itself it
falls short in effectively rating the article specific to each individual client."

MediaMiser is also taking advantage of the latest news collection tools available,
including Real Simple Syndication (RSS) for monitoring of online news and blogs.

MediaMiser Ltd. offers media analysis software and consulting services. Since its
creation in 2003, it is emerging as Canada\'s leading provider of media analysis
solutions, and has attracted a range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to
non-profit organizations.
For more information media can visit

Web Site =

Contact Details = Chris Morrison
VP, Client Services

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