To women - abolish men to prevent wars

Released on = July 20, 2006, 10:26 pm

Press Release Author = J schipper

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Men should be prohibited from running governments and
countries and laws should be instituted to have a 50-50 representation of women in
governing situations.
You\'d see a heck of a lot fewer wars.

Press Release Body =
From Johanna Schipper

To Women: Abolish Men To Prevent Wars.

With a possible WW3 looming on the horizon it might be a good time to reflect why
there are so many crisis situations today.

Today\'s Crisis situations In no particular order:

The Middle east
North Korea

Might it be the lack of women in governments?

The rights of women have been diminished in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.
Women are considered chattel in Iran and Syria. In Afghanistan Sharia law is back
and women have to start covering themselves up again.

Now here is an idea: form an organization worldwide, call it AMIG, an acronym for
Abolish Men In Government.

The aim of this organization should be to have any governing body with least 50%
women running the show.


Some feminine attributes are manifested in such things as a concern for
relationships (sympathy, sensitivity, high language skills, and receptivity).
Women are smarter:
Girls are getting more top grades than boys

Women stick to it longer: dropout rates at any school level for boys are much
greater than for girls

Women listen: remember your mom when you had problems

Women are more empathic: check peace demonstrations, most participants are women

Women live longer

Women have more patience

Women are more compassionate

However, because of the way human society has evolved over the centuries it is only
now that women
can begin to exercise their true powers.

Even the United States today is not yet quite ready for a female president although
Germany and Great Britain have and have had female heads of government.

And when you check the membership of both the Senate and the House you will be
hard-pressed to find females.

So here is an idea: starting with the United Nations some countries should put forth
a resolution that the UN will only accept as many male members as comprise 50% of
the total membership.

Once this idea takes hold the UN could put pressure on countries which oppress women
to give them more liberties such as Kuwait which just extended voting rights to

As more and more women would form parts of governments, politics and relationships
between countries would mellow and become more compassionate.

You would not see women decapitating hostages in Iraq. You would not see very many
female suicide bombers.

You would not see many kidnappings of soldiers. You would not see many female
dictators shooting long-distance missiles.

You would have fewer wars.

So what can you do? Support women candidates.

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