A Woman`s Place is in A Man`s World

Released on = August 23, 2006, 11:16 am

Press Release Author = Heels To Hammers

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Women in male-dominated jobs are no longer alone in their

Press Release Body = August 24, 2006 --- Over 160 years after the phrase "A Woman's
Place Is In The Home" was made popular, it has now become a thing of the past. Women
are no longer spending their days doing household chores and asking hubby for the
checkbook. Women have now become equal partners in the home. They are not only
working, they are entering into what is known as non-traditional jobs.

Non-traditional jobs are defined as those in which a particular gender comprises
less than 25 percent of individuals employed in a particular occupation. Since women
have historically been more restricted than men in the types of jobs they've held,
most non-traditional jobs in America today are non-traditional for women. There are
some advantages to non-traditional careers: higher entry-level salaries, better
benefits, more variety in job assignments, opportunities for advancement, and
increased job satisfaction
While there are advantages to non-traditional careers for women, there are also
disadvantages, such as sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and being shunned to
name a few. Women who hold positions such as longshoremen, tradesmen, technicians,
engineers, and executives, have stories of their own to tell, and for many years,
they had no one with whom to share these stories, no one to help them through the
rough times, and no shoulders to cry on - until now.

Heels To Hammers is an organization that offers support services for women who are
in - or are interested in - jobs that are non-traditional for women. Currently, they
have an online support group and a newsletter, with in-person support groups to
begin soon. There is also information available for those who do not have internet

For more information, contact Heels To Hammers at (888) 557-1212 or visit their
website at http://www.heelstohammers.org .

Web Site = http://www.heelstohammers.org

Contact Details = 10736 Jefferson Blvd. #188
Culver City, CA 90230
(888) 557-1212

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