All Eyes Are On Xango, The Next Fortune 500 Wellness Beverage

Released on = August 28, 2006, 8:24 pm

Press Release Author = Susan Lombardo, MBA / Xango Inc.

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = XanGo brings whole Mangosteen juice to the commercial market
place as a \"category creator\". The pericarp of the fruit contains a molecular
compound called Xanthones. The medical world cannot close its eyes to the folklore
of the Mangosteen fruit anymore.

Press Release Body = The exotic fruit of Thailand, the Mangosteen is shocking the
modern medical, wellness and business worlds. Launched after decades of
independent scientific research, the Mangosteen fruit has been identified with a
bio-active phytonutrient substance called \"Xanthones\". There are 200 known
Xanthones known in nutritional science. The Mangosteen pericarp (rind) has 42 of
these known Xanthones, higher than any food source known. Only 6 of the
Xanthones have been studied. Xanthones, as a phytonutrient is hard to find (usually
found in wood and other undesirable edible substances.)

\"Xango\", a growing multi-million dollar company ($250 million by 2005 sales), has
bottled the whole exotic fruit as juice, with the pericarp that carries the Xanthone
key property. Xango is first company in the world to commercially bottle and
distribute whole Mangosteen juice with its attributed rind. Mangosteen has a
thousand years of Asian folklore as a natural medicinal botanical. This dormant
wellness-giant of Thailand has been brought to the commercial marketplace as a new
\"Category Creator\". There is a significant independent science and medical study of
the fruit properties, available on the website.

Launched now in 17 countries, Xango is looking for partners to develop new sales
territories globally. Xango has only one juice product, 1 bottle, 1 size, so the
product has to be pretty good to reach those amazing sales volume figures.
Comparable to branding champions as "Red Bull" (retail distribution model) and
"Starbucks" (franchise and retail distribution models), the unique branding and
single-product focus of Xango makes the business simple and fun for Entrepreneurs.
Stunning doctors and scientists alike, this product
is also making millionaires out of people who distribute. Entry costs in this
business are miniscule. ($35.00 distributorship registration fee).

Because of present Xanthones, consumers are reporting amazing wellness rejuvenation
and usage as a prescription/over counter drug
substitution for health conditions as:

Headache (anti-inflammatory)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson\'s Disease
Obesity and Metabolic Function
High Cholesterol
Heart Conditions
Skin disorders/Acne
Multiple Sclerosis
Stomach Ulcers and Acid Reflux
.And the list goes on...too long and medically detailed to discuss in a condensed
overview. The company offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on first wholesale
orders so that new distributors can try Xango and distinguish the quality and value
in the beverage. The
product has a 600% consumer retention percentage, compared to competitive
direct-sale wellness products in the marketplace.

Many consumers are reporting that regular consumption of the food beverage is
actually helping them get off pills and prescription
drugs because of Xango's natural anti-inflammatory properties. Many doctors are
recommending Xango as an enhancement to medical care or as a healthy alternative,
when a food product can offer the same benefits as a drug without undue risks and
side effects. Xango is a natural juice product without artificial processes.
Generally healthy people drink 1-2 ounces of it each day. (25 ounce bottle)

Television media clips available by request. Hear what Fox Sports News, World
Business News and the New York Times are saying about Xango. GO to to learn more about whole Mangosteen juice (Product, Business
and \"Magic Wand\" menu).


Web Site =

Contact Details = Susan Lombardo, MBA
Marketing Director
(888) 340-7444 (toll free) (email)

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