Centracell helps Vierling Communications to enter South African LCR market

Released on = August 2, 2006, 3:11 am

Press Release Author = VIERLING Communications GmbH

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = Entire GSM gateway portfolio available

Press Release Body = Ebermannstadt / Johannesburg, July 31, 2006. Centracell, one of
South Africa's leading service providers for least-cost routing (LCR) solutions and
German-based Vierling Communications have established a distribution partnership in
South Africa that will offer highly advanced digital gateway technology, based on
the Vierling suite of products. Vierling will supply its entire portfolio of digital
gateway technologies which include the VTM lite, VTM pro, VTM flex and the SIM card
servers. Vierling gateways can inte-grate with any PBX via ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI and
Ethernet IP for transmis-sions between GSM, VoIP and Fixed Line network platforms,
as well as access to the SIM card servers which enable the centralized remote
man-agement of network SIM cards. Vierling's digital gateway technologies offer an
alternative to the widely-used analog solutions.

Reliable, high-performance digital gateways
"Vierling was an ideal partner for us as they can provide Centracell and its
customers with reliable, high-performance digital gateways which deliver a single
integrated device that will provide a customer access to GSM, Fixed Line, Wireless
and VoIP network platforms for the termination of cellular, national, international
and inter-branch calls," said Julian Morelis, managing director of Centracell. "Our
customers include medium-sized to large com-panies and multi-national corporations
looking for ways to substantially re-duce their communication costs through highly
advanced LCR and SIM card solutions, whilst at the same time provide the highest
level of quality of service and delivery. Vierling can implement a number of
customized fea-tures for us quickly and reliably and at present the managed voice
and mul-timedia services solutions are a priority," said Morelis.

Test results speak for themselves
"Our customers require highly functional, reliable, flexible and feature rich
technology that at the same time offers them seamless integration with their
existing infrastructure and maximum savings," said Alan Lipchin, Cen-tracell's
product manager. "We have tested Vierling's digital gateways and have used them in
preliminary projects. The systems are highly stable dur-ing operation and remote
management of the LCR features ensure huge cost savings. The results speak for
themselves," said Lipchin.

An established and experienced partner
"In Centracell we have gained an excellent sales partner with a wide range of
business connections to companies in South Africa," said Wolfgang Pe-ter, managing
director of Vierling Communications. "Centracell has many years experience in the
distribution of digital gateways as well as in the managed voice and multimedia
services area. The company is well estab-lished in the market and has extensive
technical expertise in this field. We are convinced Centracell has the potential to
develop into one of our strongest partners in the future," concluded Peter.

About Centracell
Centracell is part of the Centratel Group with headquarters in Midrand,
Johannes-burg, South Africa. Centracell has the most comprehensive suite of
solutions to route voice traffic over alternative network platforms at the most cost
effective rate without compromising any fundamental basics such as quality of
service, transpar-ency, accountability and the fastest return on investment. These
solutions include the ability to provide highly competitive call cost on a per
second billing model for all cellular, national long distance, international, SMS,
inter-branch VPN solutions as well as web based telephone management services. These
services are made possible via Centracell's strategic partnership agreements with
all three GSM net-work operators, local and international fixed line operators as
well as premier Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Virtual Private Network
operators for the deliver of voice over internet protocol (VoIP).
Centracell's voice solutions, together with its leading edge technology, provide its
customers, via one of the largest channels of agents and reseller which range from
SOHO to multi-national corporate enterprise, a unique ability to take advantage of
the commercial flexibility of the current telecommunications industry, while
enjoying the peace of mind of being able to evolve into the future of the next
generation of telecommunications. For additional information please visit

About Vierling
The Vierling Group is based in Ebermannstadt, Germany near Nuremberg and offers
customized communications equipment, test equipment and electronic manufacturing
services (EMS). Vierling Communications GmbH has a product line that includes GSM,
CDMA and UMTS gateways to enable efficient interconnectivity between mobile radio,
VoIP and fixed networks as well as stationary and portable test and measurement
solutions for telephone, DSL and broadband networks and IP-based services. Vierling
Production GmbH develops and manufactures elec-tronic equipment ranging from
individual printed circuit boards to complex elec-tronic systems for companies in
diverse industries. Vierling Systems GmbH is based in Berlin and provides
installation and support services related to telecom-munications solutions from
different manufacturers. The Vierling Group has two independent subsidiaries:
Vierling Communication SAS based in Plaisir, France near Paris and Vierling North
America Inc. based in Tarrytown, New York (USA). The Vierling Group is represented
by sales partners in more than 40 countries. It has more than 200 employees and
generates annual sales of about 30 million Eu-ros. For additional information,
please visit www.vierling-group.com.

Web Site = http://www.vierling-group.com

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Pretzfelder Strasse 21
D-91320 Ebermannstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 9194 / 97 - 0
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Email: marketing@vierling.de

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