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*On New Stands September 2006*

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E2k magazine will launch its first glossy pages to the consumers come September
2006. The new women\'s lifestyle entertainment magazine will portray real women in
real life situations. Emma Ramos, editor-in-chief decided to focus on the women who
dedicate themselves to building their success and maintaining on top. The cover
story of the September issue \"Leela James, Warner Brother\'s Hidden Soul\" highlights
the profound success of Leela James with her new hit single \"Good Time\" .

With informative material on music, style, politics, travel, entertainment, gossip,
and sex. This new development will give E2k Magazine the opportunity to cover more
urban, R&B, and edgy Pop, material as well as culture and trend. Focusing on the
entrepreneurial woman, author of Secret Society \"Miasha\" releases her new book
\"Diary of A Mistress\" and shares her personal story with E2k, While Gino Green
Global talks about their rapid success in the fashion industry. When it comes to a
juicy feature, E2K goes to the core of the entertainment business and talks to one
of the industry\'s veteran publicist, In the interview she reveals the true
realities of working amongst uncontrollable testosterone\'s, the women who have
befriended her and the fatal truth of the entertainment theory. \" This is not
another confession or name dropping story, this is the harsh reality of seeing your
castle crumble right before your eyes, by the same people who help build it. A
lesson to be shared with a moment of truth.\"

(for a sneak peak on the interview go to www.everything2know.com.)

About E2K Magazine

The new women\'s entertainment lifestyle magazine is the premiere entertainment and
business resource for women of all cultures. The bi monthly publication will provide
readers with information on music, style, entertainment, culture and business. E2k
is sure to give Women their respect, props and forum they deserve.

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