MultiExtractor is an application that allows you to extract multimedia files

Released on = August 8, 2006, 6:18 am

Press Release Author = MultiExtractor Software

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = multimedia ripper. Rip/recovery/extract tool

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1. Download and screenshots

Main web site -
Screenshots -

1st download - (installer, 650 kB)
2nd download - (zip archive, 375 kB)

2. Information

MultiExtractor is an application that allows you to extract multimedia
files. With MultiExtractor you can easy extract/recovery multimedia
files stored in database files or executables

Application have a PE-Scan engine that allows to extract icons and
bitmaps stored in exe-files (32 bit Portable Executable).

MultiExtractor extracts files stored in other files and optionally
unstored files (stored on disk but not in file).

3. Features

* Extraction to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, ICO, CUR, XM, MOD, WAV,
OGG, MP3, S3M, AVI, DAT, ASF, MOV and SWF files
* MP3:
+ MPEG 1.0, 2.0, 2.5
+ Layers I-III
+ CBR (constant bitrate)
+ VBR (variable bitrate)
+ TAG header
+ ID3 hedaer
* Directories extraction
* Quick extraction from context menu
* Language support
* GUI skin engine (allows to design interface of MultiExtractor)
* Extraction of more than one format at only one scan session (scan at once)
* Checking integrity of formats
* Fixing size of files with garbage data
* PE-Scan Engine (allows to extract icons and bitmaps stored in exe-files)
* Supported PE32+ files (64 bit processors)
* Extended naming of dumped files (retrieves original file name or
creates file name with additional informations)
* Process-Scan Engine (allows to dump crypted/packed executable data)
* Detection of exepacked files (UPX, ASPack, ASProtect, FSG and many others)
* Logging of extraction process
* Filtering of data to extract:
+ input file extensions
+ image properties (width, height, depth)
+ input and output size of files
* Save/Load settings option
* Auto-complete of output path (directory with source data)
* Pause extraction option
* Skip file option (you can manually skip extraction of the big file)
* Extraction status (count of extracted files, summary sizes, ratios)
* Multithread model (for optimize work beetwen system and application)
* ASM-Extract kernel (the kernel was written in win32 assembler)
* Optimized usage of processor (MMX instructions used to copy data)
* Anti circular extraction
* User-friendly interface
* Compatibility with operating systems Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

4. Version history

- Added MP3, SWF, OGG, S3M formats
- Quick extraction using context menu
- Added tolerance option (width/height, input/output size moduling)
- Changed interface of options window
- Fixed Extraction Kernel
- Fixed language interface
- Fixed WIN-XP Halt bug while aborting extraction
- Changed interface of main window
- Changed interface of options window
- Added new units of image width/height (inches and centimeters)
- Added new shortcuts:

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