New Book Connects Young Novelist`s Plagiarism Scandal with the Threats of Offshore Outsourcing

Released on = August 8, 2006, 4:24 pm

Press Release Author = Thought2Form Productions, LLC

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Kay Stoner\'s new book \"Bring Me the Head of Opal Mehta\"
(published August, 2006) retells the story of Kaavya Viswanathan\'s public
humiliation from the perspective of a technology worker facing globalization

Press Release Body = Boston, MA - In the Spring of 2006, Harvard sophomore Kaavya
Viswanathan was thrust into the limelight as a plagiarist. Her debut novel, \"How
Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life\", contained dozens of passages which
were nearly identical in substance or form to books by several other authors. The
scandal flared up fiercely on television, radio, newspapers, and blogs for a few
weeks. It damaged reputations and it killed Kaavya\'s book deal, which was valued at
around $500,000. Then the story faded to a bad memory for the literary establishment
and a young Indian-American girl from New Jersey.

Now, a new book \"Bring Me the Head of Opal Mehta\" (published August, 2006) retells
the story from a broader perspective, and explains the puzzling turns of events in
the context of globalization and the offshoring of American work. According to
author, Kay Stoner, \"The scandal around Kaavya Viswananthan and her book is not
rare, and it\'s not isolated to publishing. It\'s part of deeper problems in workplace
globalization policies that tear at the fabric of American lives and compromise the
quality of American work product. This story isn\'t just about a failed chick-lit
novel, it\'s about how multinational corporations do business in the world, and how
local subcultures can defend their cultural integrity from globalized encroachment.\"

Drawing on the author\'s own experiences with Indian information technology
outsourcing, \"Bring Me the Head of Opal Mehta\" connects the story behind the
plagiarism scandal with the perils of sending American work overseas to
underqualified offshore staff. Finding parallels between the public failure of a
promising novel and often unreported failings in Indian offshoring of US technical
jobs, \"Bring Me the Head of Opal Mehta\" highlights underlying patterns prevalent in
American business today, which threaten the very success and society that
globalization promises to benefit.

Kay Stoner is a writer and technologist who lives and works in central
Massachusetts. Visit for info about her and her work.

\"Bring Me the Head of Opal Mehta: Of Art, Outourcing, Kaavya Viswanathan, and the
Narcissus Machine\"
142 pp trade paperback
$12.95 USD (+s/h)
Published August, 2006 by Thought2Form Productions, LLC

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Contact Details = Contact:
Kay Stoner
P.O. Box 15108
Boston, MA 02215

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