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At we strive to make sure that our clientele is knowledgeable about
the replica time piece they are purchasing. To that end we have included this
glossary of terms to assist our clientele in gaining that knowledge.

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Analog - An analog watch is a watch that uses hands to show the time.

Automatic - An automatic watch is one that is wound by the movement of the wearer's
wrist also known as kinetic energy.

Acrylic Crystal - A crystal that is made of a plastic composite. It is less
expensive than a sapphire or mineral crystal and can be easily polished.

Altimeter - An altimeter provides altitude by responding to atmospheric pressure.
Often found in pilot's watches.

Aperture - An aperture is a small opening. The dials of some watches (have apertures
in which certain indications are provided for example the date or the hour.


Band - A band is a mechanism that is used to hold the watch on the wearer's wrist.
Bands are also sometimes called a bracelet or strap.

Battery - A device that converts chemical energy into electricity that is used to
power the watch movement.

Bezel - The bezel is that portion of the case that immediately surrounds the outside
of the watch crystal. Bezels may be jeweled or plain and rotating or stationary.

Bidirectional Bezel - A bezel that rotates in one direction only.

Brushed - A finish that has a lined appearance.

Buckle - A buckle is the mechanism that joins two pieces of strap together.


Cabochon - A decorative stone set in the watch crown.

Calibre - A term used to refer to different watch movements.

Carat (Karat) - Unit of measurement used to describe quality of gold or gemstone

Case - That portion of a watch that contains the watch movement. The case is also
used to add detail to the appearance of the watch.

Chronograph - A chronograph is a watch with two time systems.

Chronometer - A watch that has been rigorously tested for accuracy at various
temperatures and atmospheres.

Clasp - A mechanism that attaches a strap or bracelet on either end.

Complications - A watch with one or more features in addition to telling time.
Examples are moon phase, perpetual calendars, alarms and repeating mechanisms.

Cosmograph - A watch that has a tachymeter function found on the bezel.

Crown - A button on the outer portion of the case used to set the time and date.

Crystal - The transparent covering that protects the watch face.

Cyclops - A small window or lens that is added to magnify the date 2 times.


Dial - A term used to describe the watch face.

Digital Watch - A watch that shows the time using digits rather than hands.

Dual Time Zone - A watch that measures more than one time zone.


Ebauche - A French term used to describe blank or incomplete movements.

Electronic Watch - A watch that uses electric current (battery) as a power source.

Escapement - A device found in mechanical movements that controls the movement of
the wheels and in turn the movement of the hands.


Flyback - An additional hand or chronograph that moves with the second hand but can
be stopped independently to measure an interval then can "fly back" to catch up with
the other hand.

Foldover Buckle - This type of buckle is also known as a deployment buckle. It is a
three folding closure that secures two ends of the bracelet or strap.


Glass - Also known as crystal, it is the thin plate of glass or synthetic material
used to protect the watch face.

GMT - An abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time. When featured in watches it means two
or more time zones.

Gold Plated - A layer of gold electroplated to a base metal.

Guilloche - A French term that refers to a dial that is textured with engravings.


Hand - An indicator made of thin metal and used to indicate hours, minutes and seconds.

Horology - The science of time measurement.


Integrated Bracelet - A bracelet that is incorporated into the design of the case.


Jewels - Jewels are synthetic stones such as rubies or sapphires that act as the
bearings for the gears of a mechanical watch. They reduce friction to make the watch
more accurate and longer wearing.


Kinetic Energy - Energy that is generated by the movement of the wearer's wrist and
used to power the watch movement.


Lap Timer - A chronograph that allows the wearer to time segments of a race.

LCD Display - Also called Liquid Crystal Display it is a watch display that shows
time electronically using liquid in a thin layer between two transparent plates.

Lugs - Extensions found on each side of the case where the bracelet or strap is


Manual Winding - Refers to a watch that requires the wearer to manually wind the
watch using the crown.

Mechanical Movement - A movement using a mainspring which when wound slowly unwinds
to provide accurate time keeping.

Military or 24 Hour Time - A measurement of time using 24 hour segments.

Mineral Crystal - A watch crystal that is essentially made from a form of glass. It
is more scratch resistant than an acrylic crystal.

Minute Repeater - A complication on a watch that chimes on the hour or quarter hour.

Moon Phase - An indicator that displays the various phases of the moon.

Mother of Pearl - A milky iridescent material obtained from fresh water mollusk and
used in watch dials and other jewelry pieces.

Movement - The inner mechanism that keeps time and allows for movement of the hands.


O-ring - A small ring used to seal the back of watches and increase water resistance.


Perpetual Calendar - A calendar complication that adjust automatically to allow for
different lengths of months and leap years.

Power Reserve Indicator - A feature that shows when a watch will need a new battery
or winding.

Push Piece - A button that is depressed to work a mechanism.


Quartz Movement - A watch movement that is powered by a battery.


Register - An alternate term used in place of sub-dial.

Repeater - A watch that chimes when the wearer pushes a button.

Rose (pink) Gold - A softly hued gold that is composed of the same metals as yellow
gold but has a higher concentration of copper.

Rotating Bezel - A bezel that can be turned.


Sapphire Crystal - Synthetic sapphire used as the crystal of a watch. They are
extremely scratch resistant but do shatter.

Screw Down Crown - A crown that aids in water resistance by sealing the crown to the
case of the watch.

Second Time Zone - An additional dial that allows for viewing of a second time zone
allowing the viewer to see local time as well as the time in another zone.

Self Winding - A term used to describe a watch that winds automatically using the
movement of the wearer's arm.

Stainless Steel - An extremely durable metal alloy that is resistant to rust,
discoloration and corrosion.

Stop Watch - A watch with a second hand that measures intervals of time.

Strap - A watch band made of cloth, leather or other non-metal material.

Subdial - A small dial used for keeping track of elapsed hours or minutes.


Tachometer (Tachymeter) - Instrument used to measure speed or units.

Tank Watch - A rectangular watch featuring heavier bars on either side of the dial.

Tonneau Watch - A watch with a barrel shaped case and two convex sides.


Unidirectional Bezel - A bezel that moves in only one direction.


Water Resistance - A term that describes the level of protection a watch has from
water damage.

Waterproof - The ability to completely exclude any possibility of water entering the
watch. According to the United States FTC no watch is completely waterproof.

Winding - An operation that allows for the tightening of the mainspring of a watch.


We hope that these terms will give you a better understanding of your watch and its
functions. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact our
helpful staff using the form found at

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