Will US Government Shut down Airport Retailers Radio Show hosts offer help

Released on = August 11, 2006, 9:54 am

Press Release Author = Growing Your Business Radio

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Radio show hosts offers advise to airport businesses
effected by new security measures.

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Fred Hueston

Will US Government Shut down Airport Retailers? Radio Show hosts offer help

Due to heightened security, airline travelers are no longer allowed to carry liquids
or gels of any kind onboard an airplane.

Now, most of you are probably saying, \'So what?\' or \'Who cares, it\'s no big
deal..I\'ll just leave these items home.\' But have you stopped to think what this is
doing to the duty free stores and other retailers operating at the airport?

Some of these stores carry nothing but perfumes and liquors. Their sales are going
to come to a halt and they will no longer be able to pay the rent, utilities, etc.
The U.S. Government and this new security measure is going to put them out of
business if this regulation continues.

Or...will it?

On our weekly radio show, Growing Your Business, we discuss ways for business to
market with \"Out of the Box\" thinking. In other words, unusual, non-conventional
marketing practices.

Well, these stores need to be doing some major out of the box thinking if they are
to survive. The following is what we have come up with that can help these
retailers make it through tough times:

1. Offer to ship the product for FREE. It might be a good idea to have some very
large signs displayed at the front of the store that you will ship for FREE. Another
sign might say, ASK US HOW TO GET IT ON THE PLANE. I would also start contacting
the airlines and make some type of arrangement to have it shipped on the same plane
that the passenger is traveling on.

2. Diversify- Now is to time to start thinking of alternatives products and goods
you could sell.

3. Co-op- What about cooperation with other retailers in other locations. For
example, A duty Free shop in the UK can make an arrangement with a Duty FREE store
or any store for that matter in the US. This way when someone sees something they
like at London\'s Gatwick airport, they can purchase it and pick it up when they
arrive at Newark airport.

4. Flyers and catalogs- what about putting a catalog on the plane where potential
customers can purchase items and have them ready when they arrive at their

5. What about contacting the airlines and putting your items for sale on the plane.
You can pay the airline a percentage and even pay the flight attendant a commission.

Getting businesses to think out of the box is the only way you can survive the tough
times. The above examples are just a few ideas that will help this type of business.
If you have other ideas you wish to share to help these business send them to us at

Fred and Lyna host a weekly radio talk show on Alltalkradio.com called Growing Your
Business. They also write a weekly newspaper column. If you are interested in their
column, please send an email to info@growingyourbusiness.net

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Fred Hueston

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