New website aims to help deliver a `Brand New You`

Released on = September 22, 2006, 7:44 am

Press Release Author = John Weir

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = For people who dream of holding back the ageing process,
losing weight, or adding some inches to their bust, a new website launched today
promises to help them live their dream.

Press Release Body = Cosmetic Surgery Answers is the latest launch from Excite
Publishing, the company behind Make! The Craft Community and other digital projects.
The aim of the website is to inspire, inform and entertain the estimated 200,000
people in the UK who either undergo or actively consider a cosmetic enhancement
procedure each year.

The website has a number of features designed to assist users to choose the
procedure, surgeon or clinic that is right for them, and is built around users
providing their own experiences, questions and answers to share with others. There
is also a panel of experts, comprising leading cosmetic surgeons who will be on hand
to answer user questions, and respected writers from the field of cosmetic

Among the innovative features that the site aims to deliver will be "Know Before You
Go" guides, which will deliver comprehensive advice and information on topics such
as Plastic Surgery or Treatment Abroad. The site will also allow users to download
the UK's first dedicated plastic surgery magazine, Cosmetic Surgery Answers, for

"While there is a huge demand for cosmetic enhancement services, and thousands of
women having treatment both in the UK and abroad, there was a lack of real
independent advice available," says Lynda Burgess, who is the creative vision behind
the site." We want Cosmetic Surgery Answers to be a trusted source of information on
everything from breast enhancement to Botox, and to deal with the topics openly and

Membership and use of the site is free and it is expected that the users will come
from the UK, USA and across mainland Europe. The site will add further features and
content areas and by 2007 aims to be the leading respected and trusted cosmetic
enhancement website in the UK.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Lynda Burgess
01225 341486

John Weir
01225 341486

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