Publisher Plagues Political Power Plays - Who Were `The Real Bastards` of 9-11

Released on = September 10, 2006, 7:55 pm

Press Release Author = JLL & Company

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = What is truth and what are lies about the wars we are
fighting. Who is telling the truth and can you handle the truth?

Press Release Body = Myrtle Beach, SC, September 11, 2006 - Grapevine Publishing is
proud to announce the addition of Dr. Amaal V.E. Tokars book, America & Iraq:
Seduced by Fear available Spring 2007. In her book, Tokars states: "As the world
prepares to enter one of its most serious wars in history, it is most crucial for
American citizens to be able to obtain information and understand issues. It is
through Textual Imagery, information and communication filtered to us second by
second, that most American people shape their beliefs and opinions simply by virtue
of what they have read, heard or have been shown."

The author, Dr. Amaal Tokars takes you on a journey before 9-11 and after,
demonstrating why the average citizen should have been prepared for war and how the
notion of our freedom has been relegated to a diminished voice. Dr. Tokars stresses
that without true understanding and knowledge of other cultures and current events,
we remain static and forego any possibility of the freedoms that our forefathers
fought so intensely for. She carefully documents why a civilized human society
cannot afford to think in tribal terms and how that type of thinking will only lead
to mistrust and, in due course, to completely unjustifiable disasters such as what
tragically happened on 9-11.

Dr. Tokars guides readers toward the process of becoming an Organic Citizenry by
learning how to discern truth with clarity and discover where to go to acquire the
facts, renewing our authentic voice and true freedom. Dr. Tokars challenges her
readers to be Organic Citizens, to commit themselves to decipher and challenge all
Textual Imagery-to think, question, act, and participate. Dr. Tokars gives us an
intriguing analysis and a challenge to live our lives as more responsible citizens
of the world.

Dr. Amaal Tokars holds a PHD in Education and Anthropology. She has spent her
professional career working in the diverse arena of human services and is the author
of the upcoming book: America & Iraq: Seduced by Fear. She has committed much time
and research to topics related to leadership and policy. Her interests range from
adult education, community development, crisis intervention, crisis response, and
cultural competence. Dr. Tokars is Canadian, Iraqi, and a citizen of the United
States. She resides in the Chicago area with her family. It is her hope that her
work will promote dialogue on the meaning of citizenship in a global society. She
hopes that all citizens will be valued as having a voice in the shaping of their
lived history.

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