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Press Release Summary = No mean mug story, the intricacies of the making of a
ceramic mug. Raise a toast to the making of a ceramic mug. Both the mug and the
drink ambushed.

Press Release Body = Mumbai, India September 4, 2006. The informed can do with a
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The Ambush Of Mugs!

Drinking tea or coffee in an interesting beverage ceramic mug and a conversation
gets more interesting if the subject happens to be pottery. No mugging story when
involved in the illustrious tea ceremony Cha-no-yu that essentially means water for
tea. A tea ceremony based on the etiquette of serving tea.

Cha-no-yu literally means tea and hot water and refers to the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
An elaborate ceremony, where the tea gets prepared gracefully, with expertise and
practiced motions, where the powdered tea gets measured out into a bowl, water gets
added, and the tea gets whisked with a bamboo whisk to serve a guest. Intricately
crafted pottery forms an important part of this ceremony.

Ceramic pottery gets made with the ancient techniques of making fired clay objects.
Ceramic or porcelain vessels have gained significance due to several reasons. Unlike
metals and plastics, the hard fired clay continues to be resistant to almost any
liquid, gas, acid, or alkali. The brittle earthenware also holds up to high
temperatures. No mean mug story, the intricacies of the making of a ceramic mug.

Consider the high temperatures of between about 1200 degrees Celsius and about 1400
degrees Celsius that the kiln gets fired at. The strength and translucence of
porcelain arises from the formation at high temperatures within the clay body of the
mineral mullite and glass. A simple yet heated argument and no fights or abuses to
make a ceramic mug.

The origins of the naming of porcelain can be traced to a shiny Venus-shell called
porcella in old Italian. Question the age of porcelain and step back in time to the
years in between 25-220 AD. Today as in the past porcelain continues to be valuable
to the table and the kitchen, to the bathroom the tile.

Porcelains characteristically are of high strength, are resistant to the passage of
electricity and are also resistant to chemical attacks. Wise are the ways of a
dentist, when making false teeth, caps, and crowns out of porcelain. The wisdom of
the wisdom tooth unmatched here.

The word ceramic finds origins in the Greek word kermikos that literally means the
earth of potters or pottery. Ceramics as a singular noun refers to the craft of
making things out of ceramic materials. Since ages traditional crafts have used
traditional clays for the making of pottery. Raise a toast to the making of a
ceramic mug.

Milk is known as latte in Italian and thus the naming of the Latte mug. Latte mugs
are especially for people who prefer less of espresso and more of milk with a thin
layer of froth. Use Latte mugs and pretend to have found the legendary land of milk
and honey.

Jumbo mugs or Grande mugs are larger than the regular coffee mugs. A jumbo drink of
hot coffee or creamy cocoa and this ceramic mug finds an important place at the
study table. Cappuccino mugs or soup mugs along with saucers are smaller than the
latte mugs.

A Beer Stein has a hinged lid and a thumb lift handle. A traditionally German beer
tankard in ceramic is known as a Beer Stein. Coffee Barrel mugs, Diner mugs, Bistro
coffee mugs, Vienna coffee mugs, Travel mugs and Camper coffee mugs are other
porcelain mugs with varied patterns.

A message via a ceramic mug as the medium has found importance as a valuable gift.
Ornate patterned ceramic mugs of varied shapes and sizes have found prominence on
shelves at gift shops. Corporations are frequently using ceramics for promotional
purposes. There have been various instances of ceramic coffee cups being packaged
with coffee powder. No mean message in a bottle story this ceramic mug inscribed
with a message.

Mugs shaped into animal faces are not recent additions to collections of ceramic
mugs. Matte finish, glazed finish, marble, and other textures on mugs have been
found to interest many a table. The story of the ceramic mug continues as the
journeys continue from the kiln to the table and various other places.

Scream a Happy Birthday message on a mug and certainly get excused from being
penalized for doing that belatedly. Inscribe with a personal message and the cup
becomes a favorite of a favorite. Pull out a character from the cartoons, print on a
mug and the kid finds a smile.

Coffee or tea whether hot or cold, beer whether light or strong, the clay of the
potter holds forth an elegant approach to a drink. For the love of the earthen with
a down to earth approach, a ceramic mug with an interest in consumption.

Both the mug and the drink ambushed. The ambush of mugs without the assault of drinks!

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