Weight loss product as seen on tv taking country by storm Eat candy and lose weight

Released on = September 6, 2006, 8:05 am

Press Release Author = Jamel Whittenburg

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Weight loss product as seen on t.v. taking country by storm.
Eat candy and lose weight

Press Release Body = After about a two year period of being out of the industry,
Jamel Whittenburg, is back. With one of the fastest growing Teams with the Company
Fun Unlimited as Independent distributors.\"I have found a company that has a product
that I believe is going to revolutionize the weight loss industry all by itself\".
This product is called Powerepops, a new weight loss, energy and great tasting
lollipop. This product will corner a segment of the market just like Apple did with
the \"ipod\", like \"Red Bull\" in the energy drink market like \"Oprah\" did with day
time talk.

For the first time a real weight loss product that gives you all of the most
powerful natural ingredients in a tasty lollipop, with an instant oral delivery.
Lead by one of the most recent and powereful natural ingredients \"HOODIA\" (as seen
on \"OPRAH\") and a number of others, powerpops are destined to be a house-hold name.
In efforts to make it a house-hold name this product had been featured on nationally
syndicated television.

If you are looking for a product that may work for you, like it already has worked
for so many others go to this website and read all about the powerepops story and
the other products that go along with it. To get your kids all of the vitamins that
they need see what the craze is about the Kids Pops. Go to
http://www.powerpopsbiz.com/lickapop.php or call Jamel Whittenburg @ 614-452-2142.

Web Site = http://www.powerpopsbiz.com/lickapop

Contact Details = 614-452-2142 or go to: www.powerpops.biz/lickapop.com

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