Get your instant REVENGE on badly parked cars

Released on = October 24, 2006, 1:13 pm

Press Release Author = Nick Watney

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Get your instant REVENGE on badly parked cars

Press Release Body = Get your instant REVENGE on badly parked cars

"Revenge is Yellow" www.revengeisyellow have now made this possible with their
innovative, fun and sarcastic messages on joke parking tickets. These fun and
satisfying parking tickets have enabled the public to legally get their revenge on
badly parked motor vehicles.

Badly parked motorists could find messages on their vehicles like..

This is just a note to say thank you for parking so close to my car.Next time,
please leave a sodding tin opener so I can get my car out..Do society a favour and
take the bus next time!

Well done! It must of taken years of practice to be that bad. Maybe if you let your
guide dog park next time, you might only take up one space, or at least get it

Thanks for your inconsiderate parking, I couldn't get past your car on a skate board
let alone my own car.. The next time you feel the need to abandon your vehicle try
the local tip.

All the public needs to do is simple select the relevant parking message and put it
into a parking ticket wallet and then place it on the badly parked car. The results
are instant and especially satisfying.

Matt Wilkinson, the MD commented, "The idea originated when
I got so fed up with non parent cars parking in parent and toddler spots at my local
supermarkets. At last, we all have a way of getting your instant revenge.A
fantastic stocking filler or office party present"

Mixed Packs are available at 2.99 including P&P available from


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0207 3253779

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