Succinctly, It`s Global Black Fratricide, Morally, Mentally and Physically

Released on = October 4, 2006, 12:36 am

Press Release Author = H. Lewis Smith/United Voices for a Common Cause

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = H. Lewis Smith, author of Bury that Sucka, contends that
African Americans must get beyond moaning, groaning, complaining and always pointing
the finger at the white man for their ills and woes, stating that it is time for
them to become self-empowered and start taking charge of their own fate and destiny
and in pursuit of such an endeavor he has established the non-profit organization
United Voices for a Common Cause.

Press Release Body = Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 4, 2006, - H. Lewis Smith, trail blazer
and front-runner is the acknowledged and distinguished author of (Bury That Sucka!
A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word) - again sets his sights on bringing
awareness to African American communities nationwide. He is always ready to bring
about change and harmony, as he continues to place U.V.C.C. (United Voices for a
Common Cause) in motion to aide in the challenge.

Lewis\' applauded recognition as an author and community voice came about when he
released Bury That Sucka! This book carries great dialogue as to various
psychological conditions plaguing African Americans. In a recent interview with New
York based AMAG/Awareness Magazine, Lewis stated that \"For centuries the African
American community has been a slave to negative imagery. And much of the cause is
linked to the inappropriate use of the n-word. When you are a slave to someone or
to something; it is hard to break away. A fine example of enslavement can be seen
by looking at the detrimental affect drugs and alcohol has on individuals. The day
that African Americans become strong enough to break the chains of mental, emotional
and socio-economic enslavement - will be the beginning of new-found freedom.\"

Lewis is very aware of the predictable demise the African American community, the
cultural hindrances, along with the negative stigma that is placed upon people of
color. While reading his aforementioned books, it will unquestionably admonish the
fact that - there is an urgent need for stirring up the print media and the minds of
all that are affected directly or indirectly by the use of the n-word.

Lewis realized another effective medium was needed, and United Voices for a Common
Cause would be a great vehicle to drive the message nationally. The organization
pledges and holds true \"to not use the n-word as we strive toward cultural integrity
and mutual respect for all Americans and to offer uncompromising resistance to
social forces and structures which deny or limit our ability to do so. It is our
intent to promote racial harmony, self-respect, pride and dignity affirming the
highest of standards and values for our communities\". The organization has launched
a coast to coast media campaign to bring their organization to the forefront. The
United Voices for a Common Cause have put steps in motion to work with schools,
starting in California and New York.

Nevertheless, it is the perception of UVCC that, the high incarceration ratio, drug
addiction problems, black on black crime, school drop-outs, suspensions and
expulsions among Blacks is directly related to low self-esteem, the lack of
productively placed energies and willful contempt for order. A quassi result of the
continued use of the n-word would be; the psychosomatic consequences for all African
American communities. Therefore, to further ignore and minimize what\'s at stake by
the continual use of the n-word, is definitely global black fratricide, morally,
mentally and physically.

Knowing this, \"We need to get beyond moaning, groaning, complaining and always
pointing the finger at the white man for our ills and woes while there are three
more fingers pointing right back at us. It is time that we become self-empowered
and start taking charge of our own fate and destiny\", states Lewis.

To learn more about the United Voices for a Common Cause and how you can become a
part of this self-empowered movement please go to:

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H. Lewis Smith at (310) 712-2662 or


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