www Brian-Stevenson co uk have developed the fastest and most effective way to identifying limiting beliefs Easy to understand and easy to apply, it produces a simple and profound map of the mind

Released on = October 27, 2006, 1:13 pm

Press Release Author = Brian-Stevenson

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = New method to reveal our beliefs produces auditable results
fast. Roll-out of technique planned for 2007. Intention is for approach to become
the 'Swiss Army Knife' of techniques; understandable and accessible by the public
and professionals alike.

Press Release Body = By applying the newly updated technique known as
Thought-Belief-Cartography it is possible to produce very good results in a
remarkably short time. The ability to accurately identify limiting beliefs and then
quickly change them for new and successful ones instead is without parallel in the
current field of personal development, motivation and psychology.

\"We can create a map of the way you think and from that reveal the exact beliefs
that are holding you back\"

Thought-Belief-Cartography produces auditable, documented results - something which
can be used as a benchmark to reveal how far your or a client has developed over the
next few weeks or months, something which can be lacking in many other Personal
Development, Therapy, or Life Coach approaches currently used.

Free of the constraints of hypnosis or NLP and without any \'psycho babble\' or
stigma, Thought-Belief-Cartography is a technique that is becoming an essential
piece in the toolkit to help understand how limiting beliefs hinder our lives.

\"We want Thought-Belief-Cartography to become the Swiss Army Knife of belief change
tools. Something which everybody can benefit from and find easy to use; the public
as well as the professionals.\"

In addition, with numerous business applications planned, 2007 is expected to be a
busy time for the corporate side of the company.

www.Brian-Stevenson.co.uk are also launching a series of seminars and courses to
teach the use of Thought-Belief-Cartography and a workbook is currently in
production for release in early 2007. contact press@Brian-Stevenson.co.uk for
further details or visit www.Brian-Stevenson.co.uk

Web Site = http://www.brian-stevenson.co.uk

Contact Details = 3 Higney Road, Peterborough, PE7 8LZ

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