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Released on = November 3, 2006, 7:39 am

Press Release Author = George W. Smith

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tubs & Home Spas - In
One Place

Press Release Body = is by far the most comprehensive and informative
website about hot tubs & home spas, according to a recent customer survey. It is
aimed at people with no previous experience in buying these household items. The
website is well structured and well designed so to provide maximum exposure to
information with minimal efforts from the customer. specializes in providing the most up-to-date facts and fair information
customers need to know before buying a hot tub or a home spa. This website is
constantly renewed, in order to keep up with the current trends in the hot tub
market. Customers will find a wide range of topics thoroughly discussed by people
with extensive knowledge and skill.

Additionally, buyers can immerse in our discussion forum for further advice and hot
tub market coverage. It's free, fast and easy, and no registration is required. is also in partnership with some of the best and most reliable hot tub and
home spa manufacturers. So whenever you are ready and willing to go out there and
buy a hot tub, they're there to help. keeps the customers satisfied by saving time and money, as well as
providing easy-to-understand and relevant information at all times, while remaining
flexible and un-biased.

For further information, do not hesitate to visit our website or
contact us by e-mail @ We are always prepared to answer all your
questions and help you in any way we are able.

Web Site =

Contact Details = George W. Smith,
957 El Camino Dr,

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