Betsy Balega, will host new show based in New York Toronto

Released on = November 28, 2006, 10:35 am

Press Release Author = Lisa Shannon, Shannon PR

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = International psychic, Betsy Balega, will host \"Tuning in
with Betsy,\" with the Blog Talk Radio Network, based in Manhattan.

Press Release Body = Toronto Psychic, Betsy Balega, is now the host of the new show,
\"Tuning In With Betsy,\" premiering Wednesday, December 20th at 9 PM EST.

Listen free, online when Betsy interviews guests, who will speak on ESP, Deja Vu,
Precognition, Ghosts, Native Prophecy, Bible Prophecy and many other fascinating

You can call the host during the blogshow using any phone, whether it be a landline,
mobile, VOIP, soft phone, etc. Or you can visit their Host Channel page to find out
their favorite instant messenger client and screen name, and IM them during their

To reach the host by phone, dial the phone number that appears on the Programming
Guide or on their Host Channel page. You will be automatically placed into a queue
where you will be able to hear the live show. When the host takes your call, you
will be live on the air and audible to his or her audience. However, you can and may
be muted according to the host\'s discretion.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Lisa Shannon
141 Erskine Ave. Ste. 310

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