Is It Time for the People to Have Their Say on the UFO Pheonomena

Released on = November 14, 2006, 6:22 am

Press Release Author = Michael Pralin

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = There are hundreds of documentaries and DVD\'s, thousands of
books and millions of articles and websites in the world all chasing the UFO enigma.

Press Release Body = Recently Nick Pope resigned from the MOD to pursue his career
in the realm of the UFO and alien hunting world. He gave the British a shock and
said that the government were not ready for an alien attack and in so doing raised
the profile of the whole genre yet again. But what is the truth? And is the truth
only known to government bodies?

Researcher and best selling author, Philip Gardiner, along with co-producer Michael
Bourne and Reality Entertainment are on a mission to discover the truth and reveal
it to the world in a frank and open new documentary. Already Nick Pope has himself
agreed to speak frankly on the documentary, but Gardiner and Bourne want your input

\"There are thousands of people out there who have taken footage or photographs of
something they cannot explain and yet nobody listens to them.\" Said Gardiner. \"We
want to listen to them and to help them get heard. We will show their footage and
let the world know their stories.\"

According to Gardiner and Bourne, they already have some stunning and new evidence
that will shock the world, but they also want footage, photographs and any evidence
for other paranormal phenomena, which may also be linked to the UFO enigma.
\"Photographs of ghosts and other peculiar anomalies may also have a relationship to
the phenomena and by uniting these concepts we think that we will get to the bottom
of what is really going on.\" Said Bourne.

The unique partnership between author Philip Gardiner and website host Michael
Bourne has developed over the past few years and they decided it was time to reveal
much of what they had learned. Gardiner is the best selling author of seemingly
unrelated books such as Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon\'s Temple Revealed and Secrets
of the Serpent: In Search of Our Sacred Past, as well as being a film maker with
some recent highly acclaimed DVD documentaries launched through the USA company
Reality Entertainment. Reality are one of the world\'s biggest independent record
companies, with bands such as Marcy Playground, Krokus and K.C. and the Sunshine
Band, but they also have a book and films division that Gardiner is spearheading.
Michael Bourne is the creator of the infamous website, which
recently launched an incredible book competition to also allow people to reveal
their own discoveries.

If you have information which may lead to evidence for or against the alien/UFO
phenomena or if you have taken footage or photographs then all you have to do is
contact Philip via the contacts page on his website at All
correspondence will be dealt with in strictest confidence, especially if you have
connections to organisations that may deem this to be a breach of secrecy, and
according to Gardiner and Bourne, they have already had approaches from within
certain bodies.

The resulting documentary will be launched in 2007 by Reality Films.


For more information contact Philip Gardiner\'s PA on
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