MLM Traffic Formula Used To Sponsor 1,732 Distributors In 31 Days Shocks Network Marketing Industry

Released on = November 6, 2006, 2:04 pm

Press Release Author = David Schwind

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = The strategies that three internet marketing mavericks used
to sponsor 1,732 reps in 31 days, generate 6,742 free leads in a single month, and
make over $11,000,000 in the last 5 years. They call their amazing strategy \"The MLM
Traffic Formula.\"

Press Release Body = David Schwind decided to take the MLM Traffic Formula course,
which was only released to the public for 7 days in september of 2006. He had the
same question many are asking in the industry, which is- \"Is this for real?\".

After reading the material, David replies- \"I was blown away at the amount of
content provided. Never have I seen so much valuable and usable information in one

Just days after completing the MLM Traffic Formula, David generated dozens of free
leads and he got PAID to do so. \"Mike Dillard-(author)- really lays it all out in an
easy step by step manner\".

David Schwind currently ownes and operates a network marketing business, and uses
the strategies of the new \"MLM Traffic Formula\" to now build his MLM downline using
the tools and automation tactics he learned.

The MLM Traffic Formula is based on the same concept taught in Mike Dillards first
course- \"Magnetic Sponsoring\", which is about attracting customers to you instead of
chasing them down. It is really the \"who\" where as Traffic Formula is the \"how\".
However, the philosophy that drives the both of them , is found in Magnetic
Sponsoring, which is where the network marketer should really start- as this is
where the correct mindset is really established.

Magnetic Sponsoring is about developing leadership and attraction marketing. Its
about selling the prospect on \"You\" instead of their company. It also is a complete
lead generation system used to recruit other network marketers and create instant
commisions through a \"funded proposal\" which is the magnetic sponsoring book itself.
Every time a new magnetic sponsoring course owner recieves there own online lead
generation system, they also recieve commisions every time one of there leads buy
the book. So essentially they get paid to generate there own leads, which is what is
taught in the course whether the networker uses the magnetic sponsoring system or

MLM Traffic Formula is really just about creating your own lead generation funnel
designed to \"pay\" the network marketer to generate his/her own free leads. As the
author Mike Dillard puts it- \"Generate Endless Free Leads and Instant Cash For Any

David Schwind now refuses to go back to the old ways of building his business,
saying \"The MLM Traffic Formula is truly a revolutionary way to build an MLM. Mike
Dillard far exceeded my expectations\".

Magnetic Sponsoring is only available through previous course owners. Free info can
be found on the link below.

The Strategies taught in the MLM Traffic Formula are only available through a mentor
at this time, however info is also available on the website below:

Web Site =

Contact Details = David Schwind
P.O. Box 2231
Vacaville, Ca, 95696

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