Pan-European survey confirms customer need for innovative freight exchange services

Released on = November 23, 2006, 3:36 am

Press Release Author = Teleroute

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = Building on its leadership in this area, Teleroute today
unveiled the latest evolution of its real-time, web-based freight exchange,
Teleroute PRO 2.0, along with the innovative new Freight Tools feature pack.

Press Release Body = Brussels, 22nd November 2006 In a constant search to satisfy
its users and bringing them the latest technologies, Teleroute launched a
pan-European customer interview program, conducted in 12 countries with more than
520 Transport and Logistics professionals interviewed.

The survey revealed that 82% indicated Teleroute as a quality provider, scoring high
on user-friendliness and reliability. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that
Teleroutes posting interface is also praised for its user-friendliness, speed and
range of scope:
89% of the interviewees stated that posting freight on the Teleroute system
is very easy
85% confirmed the relevance of the available freight posting criteria

In addition, Teleroute asked their customers what improvements could be made to
increase their degree of satisfaction even more, as the transport & logistics
business is in a constant evolution.

This information, when combined with Teleroutes own direct contact with customers,
resulted in the development of the new Teleroute PRO 2.0 and the new Freight Tools
feature pack, both built on the newest available technologies.
With the aim of increasing customer choice and facilitating different working
practices, Teleroute PRO 2.0 continues to outperform competitors and becomes
Teleroute\'s smartest online, real-time access to the freight exchange so far. And
with the introduction of collaborative working tools, data quality filters and an
updated automated vehicle exchange generating 50,000 vehicle offers a day, Teleroute
PRO 2.0 strongly reflects the reality of Teleroute as an innovative, proactive and
customer-focused provider, and the Transport & Logistics Professional\'s first

Before launching these new products, Teleroute and BETA test customers across Europe
have tested them thoroughly, offering considerable praise.

Having experienced the highly intuitive new posting and consultation interfaces,
Jessica Baus, owner of medium-sized logistics company Transports BAUS, said, \"The
new interface of Teleroute PRO is far more intuitive and easy to use. I have a
global visibility of my freight activity. It really is easier to manage and organise
our freight!\"

Teleroute PRO 2.0
Teleroute PRO 2.0 includes an Enhanced Posting Interface that offers unrivalled
access to all the information needed to manage posting of offers on the Teleroute
Freight Exchange. Based on the latest ergonomic research, the Enhanced Posting
Interface gives direct access to the posting form, the active postings and a
complete history in one dynamic screen.
With the Enchanced Posting Interface, users will find:
Everything they need on one page
Even quicker posting
No pop ups
The most intuitive interface on the market today
Teleroute PRO 2.0 also includes an improved freight matching functionality, which is
even more accurate as it is based on the region where the freight will be loaded or

Teleroute Freight Tools feature pack
Teleroute Freight Tools is an installed software component for the Teleroute Freight
Exchange that comprises a set of enhanced tools for multi-tasking users. It allows
users to receive real-time offers from the Search Agent via a small visual alert on
the bottom right of the screen without having to be permanently logged onto

In addition, Teleroute Freight Tools gives a quick access to the Freight Exchange
straight from the system tray and it allows users to delete postings directly from
the desktop.

About Teleroute PRO
Teleroute PRO was launched in 2004 as a next-generation real-time web application to
replace Teleroute\' s ageing Web2 product and to evolve the line of successful
web-based products dating back to 1997. PRO introduced an advanced interface that
was customisable, more user-friendly and that took advantage of the latest advances
in web technology. The application includes many features unique to Teleroute\'s
online, real-time freight exchange including a fully automated vehicle exchange and
along-the-route searching - both designed to maximise the number of opportunities
offered to customers through the system.

About Teleroute
Teleroute, a Wolters Kluwer business, is a leading pan-European provider of
electronic services and innovative solutions for the transport and logistics
industry. Founded in 1985 as the original online freight and vehicle exchange,
Teleroute today delivers collaborative solutions for the transport and logistics
community, enabling companies to increase profit and excel in operations.
Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Teleroute has operations in 25 European
countries and employs approximately 150 people.

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About Wolters Kluwer
Wolters Kluwer is a leading global information services and publishing company. The
company provides products and services for professionals in the health, tax,
accounting, corporate, financial services, legal and regulatory, and education
sectors. Wolters Kluwer has annual revenues (2005) of 3.4 billion, employs
approximately 18,400 people worldwide and maintains operations across Europe, North
America, and Asia Pacific. Wolters Kluwer is headquartered in Amsterdam, the
Netherlands. Its shares are quoted on the Euronext Amsterdam (WKL) and are included
in the AEX and Euronext 100 indices.

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