Why Brazilians Soccer Players Has No Last Name

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Today, Germany wept bitter tears over the 0-2 loss to Italy at the FIFA World Cup
but took heart in the host nation\'s surprisingly lengthy involvement.

On the other hand Brazil left Germany licking their wounds when France stuns champ
Brazil. Also one of the popular numerology over emails/Internet predicting the fifa
world cup winner did not work :-(

Brazil had awesome football players like Ronaldo, Ronaldhino, Robinho and Kaka in
this 2006 FIFA World Cup tourney. Brazil lost their World Cup title because of
failing to score a single goal to their disappointing 1-0 loss to France. Poor

I noticed another interesting thing that all of Brazil team seems to have no last
names at all. You can see on fifa team listing, even their jerseys and official
stat sheets display only their first names. Then I searched on it and found some
interesting informtion on Slate and some other web sites....

So why do so many Brazilian football players go by one name?

Seventeen of the 23 players on Brazil\'s current World Cup squad go by a single name.
In Brazilian society, the use of a first name or nickname is a mark of intimacy.
It's also often a class signifier. There are no hard and fast rules, but naming
conventions reflect the Brazilian adoration for goal-scorers and their relatively
diminished affection for the players defending their own end.

Players with the same first name often change their moniker to differentiate

In recent decades, there have been several Ronaldos at the national level. One
became known as Ronaldao, meaning \"big Ronaldo.\" Another became Ronaldinho, meaning
\"little Ronaldo.\" When another Ronaldinho came along in the late 1990s, he was
called Ronaldinho Gaucho-that is, \"little Ronaldo from Rio Grande do Sul.\"
Eventually, the first Ronaldo left the Brazilian national squad, so Ronaldinho
became Ronaldo. Ronaldinho Gaucho became Ronaldinho :-)

Interestingly three other nations in this year\'s World Cup feature lots of players
known by only one name.

Portugal, Brazil\'s former colonial overseer, has 10.

Portugal\'s neighbor Spain has six players known by a single moniker.

Angola, another former Portuguese colony, has 16.

Now match # 62 will decide who will compete with Italy in mach # 64 - Final.

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