After Wife`s Death, Husband Threatened and Harassed by Mother-In-Law Attempting To Acquire Property Not Legally Hers

Released on = December 15, 2006, 3:35 am

Press Release Author = Wayne Vaughn

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = After Wife's Death, Husband Threatened and Harassed by
Mother-In-Law Attempting To Acquire Property Not Legally Hers

Press Release Body = Bartlett, TN --- Wayne Vaughn announced today the release of
documents to the general public related to threats and harassments enacted by his
mother-in-law and retired Memphis City schoolteacher, Mabel Savage, following the
death of his wife, Kay Vaughn.

Twelve days after her daughter's funeral, Mrs. Savage met with her attorney, Bernie
J. Brown, Jr. Within days following her meeting with Mr. Brown, other individuals
to whom she spoke informed Mr. Vaughn of her declaration to come after him. After
enduring several weeks of verbal demands, Mr. Vaughn in a letter to Mrs. Savage
formalized a requirement that she provide all requests as a written list with
justification for each. Refusing to comply, Mrs. Savage called Mr. Vaughn
approximately three weeks later to convey a verbal threat. Soon after, Mr. Vaughn
retrieved her recorded threat from his office voicemail. Aware that her attorney
could not legally assist with her demands, Mrs. Savage resorted to threats and
orchestrated a campaign of harassments that included her sister, her attorney and
two other individuals.

"Every letter that I received from Mr. Brown and Mrs. Savage demonstrates the
execution of her threats and her continued harassment of me," Mr. Vaughn explained.
"The sequence of correspondence is highly significant. To perpetuate numerous
harassments, Mrs. Savage defied my formal statements and a directive limiting her
requests to only those in which she has legal entitlement. Kay had told me long
before her death that her mother had tormented her with the declaration of taking
all that she could from me in the event of her death. For over twenty years, I have
witnessed Mrs. Savage's deplorable acts of manipulation and cruelty. In addition to
myself, Kay turned to her closest friends for emotional support."

Within his letters, Mr. Vaughn illustrates a correlation between Mrs. Savage's
behavior towards him and emotional abuse his wife endured throughout her life.

Mr. Vaughn seeks a well-known author to champion his wife's biography stating, "To
build public awareness, I want to share my experiences and also attract an author
that can best depict my wife's triumphs and travails."

Documents and files, including the letters referenced herein, are posted for
download on the website at Additional files
will be posted when released.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Requests for information or interviews should be addressed to
Wayne Vaughn at 6473 Gillia Circle South, Bartlett, TN 38135; or by calling
901-864-9067. Address e-mail to

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