A Welcome Indian `Backlash Was Born`, Reports Tim Sullivan, Associated Press

Released on = January 20, 2007, 7:27 pm

Press Release Author = Barry Pittard

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Press Release Summary = Tim Sullivan, Associated Press, reports an India that can
rise up against injustice

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I relate the Tim Sullivan report to the need for similar Indian backlashes to those
gurus like Sathya Sai Baba, India\'s most famous and controversial guru. They have
been exposed (in his case, ironically, by the Western media such as the BBC, Times
of London, Telegraph, etc) but not nearly sufficiently. This has serious
ramifications for India\'s international reputation, not least because it has aspired
to Shashi Tharoor\'s candidacy as Secretary-General of the UN. (Tharoor is, by the
way, a propagandist for Sai Baba, as can be seen from his article in the
International Herald Tribune, which came within two days of Keith Bradsher - see,
barrybabukeith.html )

\"But there is another side of India - that gives hope. Tim Sullivan (Thu,
Mar/09/2006) Associated Press reported, "What surprised India was its own reaction:
Protesters took to the streets, holding candlelight vigils and waving signs calling
for justice; newspapers have kept the story on the front page day after day;
officials from the president to the capital\'s police chief have called for a review
of the investigation. In a country that had all but resigned itself to its barely
functioning legal system, a backlash was born".

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