Australian Online Job Seekers Need to Be More Specific in their Google Search

Released on = January 3, 2007, 1:05 am

Press Release Author = Neoli Marcos

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Employment rate in Australia is getting better but job
seekers need to be more specific with what they want in terms of getting a job.

Press Release Body = So it has been a fruitful year for job hunters and employers in
Australia. If in 2005, about 3 million more Australians were able to get a job
compared to the previous year, this 2006 has seen an even more auspicious time.

Specifically, the Australian job market has been generous to the the migrant sector.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost two-thirds (62%) of
migrants are holding a job in Australia today, with just 6.2% unemployment rate.
For those born in Australia, 67.3% are fully-employed, and unemployment rate is just
at 4.9%.

What people are typing in their keyboards
Despite this promising figures, Australian job seekers have yet to be more specific
with what they want in terms of getting a job. For the last quarter of 2006,
keywords and keyphrases typed in by job hunters at major search engines were all
general. Among the most-frequently searched keywords were job search (21.9%), free
online jobs (17 4%), australian job search (15.5%), jobs in oz (2.4%), job search in
australia (2.4%), jobsearch (2.2%), job search australia (1.6%), and australia job

It seems the mindset of most Australian job seekers is to cast their job hunting
nets on a wider scale. It can be a favourable move, especially for people wanting
to explore and expand their career opportunity. But in terms of fresh graduates and
first-time job seekers, what they type into those little unassuming search boxes
tell a lot about their ambivalence in the career path they intend to take.

And while Australian employers want job applicants who are versatile, they
appreciate job seekers too who are aggressive right from the start.

"They must know what they want. And their drive for something immediately shows in
what they type in," says a managing director of a Canberra-based firm.

Among the most-searched specific keywords people have typed in for this year are:
sales, customer service, data entry, clerical, receptionist, administrative, and
human resources.

A more narrowed-down and focused job search no doubt is more promising than a
general one. Australian job seekers now need to be more aware of and utilise the
endless treasure trove the Internet offers them.

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