Bob Woodward - Blabbermouth of American Media! Egomaniac, Opportunist and Sensationalist Extraordinaire

Released on = January 2, 2007, 6:03 am

Press Release Author = Jim Putnam/Ivy Hollow Media

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Did Bob Woodward abuse journalistic practices by releasing
edited tapes of President Ford before his funeral?

Press Release Body = Bob Woodward, former Washington Post reporter of Watergate
"Deep Throat" fame has taken a giant leap forward on his path of single handedly
trying to demonstrate the sorry state of decline the journalism profession in
America has reached. The day after President Ford died Woodward release a tape of
an interview with the former President, a tape Ford requested not be released until
after his death.

Woodward, the mad dog of opportunistic reporting and despicable journalist practices
did not even have the decency to wait until the former President was buried before
releasing the most provocative elements of the taping in which Ford disagreed with
the Bush administration handling of the Iraq war.

Ever the seeker of sensationalism in reporting, especially when he has a new book on
the market with disappointing sales, Woodward used his confidential taping of Ford
in order to smear the Bush administration, to cast doubt on Ford's honesty, and to
distract from the many ceremonies honoring the "People's President".

Ford did not have an imperial presidency like others, but he did encounter an
imperial media hack in Woodward. I doubt Ford said Woodward should release edited
fragments of his interview at the instant of his death while his wife was in
mourning and before he was even in the ground. Being the egomaniac he is Woodward
showed no respect for the Ford family, for the fact Ford was kind enough to grant
him the interview in the first place, or for the fact reporters are supposed to be
reporting the news, not manufacturing it.

Woodward demonstrated once again when reporters think they are the stars of the
news, and when good judgment and common decency can so easily be ignored, then it is
no wonder the credibility of the news media has been tossed down the toilet. After
this travesty no one in their right mind should be a confidential source to a
self-serving blabbermouth like Woodward.

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