Book Release - The Milk Ain`t 4 Free by Ila Blount

Released on = January 16, 2007, 11:02 pm

Press Release Author = 1st Love Creations Publishing Company

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = New Christian Book for women of all ages: \"The Milk Ain\'t 4
Free!\" A witty, poignant book with over 100 reasons and devotionals to encourage
women to \"save the milk\" and \"wait for God\'s Best.\"

Press Release Body = 1st Love Creations Publishing Company is happy to announce the
release of: \"The Milk Ain\'t 4 Free: 101 Reasons To Save The Milk & Make Him Buy The
Cow\" by Ila Blount.

This new Christian author Ila Blount shares the joys and pains of being a Married
virgin in a \"sex\" crazed world. Married? Yes, she is married to Christ, her first

Ila describes herself as the \"unlikely angel to be writing this book. Born in Yonges
Island, South Carolina, Ila was a troubled teen who routinely cut classes, ran away
from home, and organized her own arrest, all in the name of fun. Glory be to God for
turning this once out of control teen to a woman of virtue.

\"The Milk Ain\'t 4 Free!\" is a witty and poignant book that gets straight to the
point about why women of all ages should \"save the milk.\" Ila doesn\'t leave a stone
unturned. Author Ila Blount addresses the issues of the \"single momma\" drama, the
heartaches, and unfriendly diseases that can change a \"woman\'s world\" forever.

The Author Ila also emphasizes the beauty of \"saving yourself\" for your divine mate
and being able to live a more \"care free\" life where Christ is the center. She talks
about the beauty of knowing \"who is your baby daddy without the blood test\" and
being able to \"walk down the aisle\" without all the drama.

Ila also sends the message that \"it\'s never too late to become a virgin again.\" She
expresses God\'s genuine love and divine plan for the lives of women. The message is
simple: \"Save the Milk & Wait for God\'s Best!\"

Please visit to learn more about this the new book.

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Hiram, Georgia 30141

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