Direct Online Marketing(TM) Partners with Geo-Solutions Inc

Released on = January 12, 2007, 9:12 am

Press Release Author = Katie McDonald/ Direct Online Marketing

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Direct Online MarketingT and Geo-Solutions Inc of
Pittsburgh, PA are pleased to announce their newly formed partnership.

Press Release Body = Geo-Solutions, an industry leading specialty contractor for
hazardous waste site remediation and groundwater containment, has chosen Direct
Online MarketingT to handle its search engine optimization and marketing lead
generation accounts.

Justin Seibert, Owner & President of Direct Online MarketingT, stated, "We are
really excited about this opportunity with Geo-Solutions. Their position as leaders
in their field makes our job of bringing them interested and targeted leads much
easier. If someone needs a slurry wall solution for their site, they will be very
pleased with Geo-Solutions."

Seibert added that Direct Online MarketingT's lead generation for the company goes
beyond just numbers. "While the total number of leads is always important, the
quality of potential clients is crucial. Geo-Solutions is a smaller company that
furnishes specialized construction technologies such as slurry walls and soil mixing
at construction sites all over the world. They simply don't have time to respond to
a lot of inapplicable leads."

Geo-Solutions President Chris Ryan added, "We consider it a critical competitive
advantage to stay up to date with how technology is changing business. That's why
we turned to Direct Online MarketingT for lead generation in the one place we've had
the greatest success-- the Internet."

Geo-Solutions is the newest addition to Direct Online Marketing's base of industrial
clients. The Internet marketing firm currently handles lead generation campaigns
for numerous industrial companies in the heavy equipment, trucking, and mining

About Geo-Solutions Inc
Geo-Solutions is a Pittsburgh, PA based specialty consulting and construction
company that helps contractors, owners, and engineers find and construct
cost-effective solutions to environmental and civil engineering problems related to
soil and groundwater. Geo-Solutions' top management has over 25 years of experience
in providing specialty construction solutions including slurry walls, ground
improvement, soil and rock grouting, permeable reactive barriers, bio-polymer
drains, and soil mixing. Typical projects include contaminated site restoration,
levee improvements and unusual foundation problems. Learn more by calling (724)

About Direct Online MarketingT
Direct Online MarketingT is an Internet marketing firm that specializes in
bottom-line, measurable results. In addition to industrial companies like
Geo-Solutions, the firm also runs online lead generation campaigns for businesses as
diverse as financial and entertainment. Direct Online MarketingT's Internet
marketing tools also include search engine marketing, search engine optimization,
Web site design, email campaigns and blogging. To learn more or request a media
interview, please contact Katie McDonald at (304) 217-2823.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Direct Online Marketing
40 12th Street, Suite 200
Wheeling, WV 26003

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