Eurotech presents the COM-1289, a low power wireless module combining 12-channel GPS and Tri-band GSM GPRS

Released on = January 21, 2007, 7:25 am

Press Release Author = Eurotech S.p.A.

Industry = Semiconductors

Press Release Summary = This new wireless PC/104 module targets professional mobile
communications applications such as asset management, vehicle tracking and

Press Release Body = Amaro (Udine, Italy) - Eurotech has today released the
COM-1289, a high-integration wireless PC/104 communication module capable of
precision GPS satellite positioning and seamless communication in 900/1800 and
1900MHz cellular GSM/GPRS networks worldwide.

The COM-1289 is based on the latest low power high sensitivity Fastrax iTrax03 GPS
receiver technology capable of reliable positioning in difficult urban canyon and
dense foliage environments. The position can be updated at 1-3Hz and GPS data is
available in NMEA or binary protocol. The internationally approved Siemens MC55
tri-band GSM/GPRS wireless terminal supports SMS, high-speed GPRS data, fax and
voice communication. An onboard locking SIM-card slot can be easily accessed with
the module installed in a system. Optionally an external SIM card interface can be
connected to the module. The audio I/O-port can be used to connect to low power
devices or a headset for voice communication.

Integrated peripheral interfaces include two 16C550 compatible RS-232 level serial
ports that provide traditional hardwired serial I/O functions for legacy
communications. The GPS and GSM/GPRS terminal are accessed through a standard UART
interface that is supported by all operating systems.

Board configuration is fully software controlled and all resources can be set with
the module installed in the system. Settings, such as serial port base address,
interrupts and GPS communication protocol can be modified at any time and
configuration data is stored in the onboard non-volatile EEPROM. The jumperless
board configuration increases flexibility and increases mechanical reliability.

This rugged RoHS compliant module takes advantage of all the latest technologies and
is compatible with all Eurotech rugged high-reliability computers, PC/104 and
PC/104+ CPUs and peripheral expansion modules.

Compatibility with embedded operating systems such as Linux, Windows-CE and XPE is
guaranteed. Development systems with easy-to-use GPS and GPRS antennas and interface
cabling are available for testing, software development and evaluation.

Eurotech S.p.A. (, a member of the Eurotech Group, is a
leading supplier and developer of innovative high performance digital systems.
Eurotech offers standard and customer specific system solutions that base on
extensive competence in computer technology as well as complex system integration.

The Eurotech Group ( is a leading designer and developer of
innovative high performance and low power embedded computing systems.
It is a global family of leading-edge technology companies covering the most
important and active market areas across three continents.
With operations in Europe, North America and Asia, the Group serves the industrial,
transportation, defence, security, aerospace, utilities, and research markets.

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Contact Details = Eurotech S.p.A.
a member of the Eurotech Group
Via Fratelli Solari, 3/a
33020 AMARO (Udine) - ITALY
Tel: +39.0433.485411
Fax: +39.0433.485499

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