There`s a New Sheriff in Town

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Randall or Robin Christian

Noble, Oklahoma - January 14, 2007

There's a new sheriff in town.the average citizen. While the majority of law
enforcement officials are worthy of our trust and respect, there are some that take
advantage of their position by harassing citizens and issuing unmerited tickets.

Enter The goal of this website is to call attention to the
growing plight of unfair treatment by the police. The site is a haven for those
with a bonafide wrong that want to vent their justified frustration or give warning
to others.

The site requires users to sign up for a free membership. The website does not
accept anonymous reports to maintain the credibility of the site. If a law
enforcement official feels they were wrongly reported may contact the webmaster to
dispute or share their side of the story.

Ran by a husband and wife team in Noble, Oklahoma, strives to
get the story out in a fair and accurate manner by giving a voice to the public.
Several upgrades are in the works including a feature to search the reports by

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