A Diamond Journey Pendant Sharing the Quest Shenoa and Company

Released on = February 16, 2007, 11:13 am

Press Release Author = blan perun

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = A Diamond Journey Pendant online at ShenoaDiamonds.Com.
Discounts, coupons, and promotions are the genesis for the quest to obtain a Diamond
Journey Pendant.

Press Release Body = The online market place is growing and the amount of companies
on a journey competing for this pool of discretionary income is growing even faster!
A few years ago reaching your target audience online for a pendant or diamond was
formulaic. A few well placed ads on Google, coupled with one thousand or so
keywords, would jumpstart you\'re online journey. \"Business online and more
importantly strategies to penetrate the marketplace have become much more
complicated\" says Scott Cowan VP at Shenoa & Company.

Internet advertising for Shenoa Diamonds or any other online vendor can be cost
effective, equally important one can target a very specific group of people for
relatively the same price as mass consumer mailings, for example; a group searching
for a Diamond Journey Pendant. "The ability to track your ad spend, combined with a
low cost structure is creating a competitive frenzy of online noise", says Shenoa\'s
Online Marketing Manager B. Perun. This noise like in traditional media can be a
distraction; it takes an increased level of creativity and delivery methodology to
adequately reach the audience searching for that Diamond Journey Pendant.

Another critical element for Shenoa is the cost structure of attaining the traffic,
hence the never ending journey. As Search engines change so does the level of
sophistication of the surfer and the methods behind trying to reach them. "Most
important to consider is that the internet is constantly changing, and what worked a
year ago is far less effective today" says Perun, \"Social Networks for example and
the B2C penetration of the audience is a standing target right now for diamonds and
other types of consumer goods. In 20 months or less, this opportunity will have
reached a saturation point, and the savvy user will detect this noise.\" My job at
Shenoa and Company is to make sure we enter these networks and effectively manage
the message to the potential consumer looking for that Diamond Journey Pendant.

Shenoa has some terrific concepts that will be executed this year. My main focus is
to drive qualified traffic to the site at little to no cost. While this may sound
impossible to many, it\'s just the opposite. Creativity and execution will keep us
growing at a fast pace. It is important our process is scaleable and properly
targeted, since our growing traffic is becoming less expensive to acquire. Shenoa
Diamonds is a company to keep your eyes on in 2007, especially if you one of a few
thousand in the market for a diamond journey pendant. Big things are happening at
Shenoa, and at a fast pace. I love the work and thrive in this environment!\" says

About Shenoa and Company:
Founded in 1980, SHENOA & CO. is one of the fastest growing online retailers of
certified diamonds and fine jewelry. SHENOA & CO. Online is built on a simple idea:
Purchasing quality diamond jewelry does not have to be an expensive event.

Contact information
Shenoa & Company
1 866 743 9268
2007 Shenoa & Company. All rights reserved.

Web Site = http://www.shenoadiamonds.com/home.php

Contact Details = 21 west 46th street suite 204 ney ny 10036
fax 212 764 1667
phone 866 743 9268

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