Auspicious Wishes Announces Their New MLM Training Website

Released on = February 17, 2007, 7:39 am

Press Release Author = Roberto Ramirez and Terry Montague

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Auspicious Wishes - Mentoring for Success is a complete
Network Marketing resource guide of tools, tips and training for MLM success
including free resources, essential tools and critical information for home-based
business owners.

Press Release Body = Roberto Ramirez and Terry Montague (\"Monte\" to friends and
family) are both accomplished network marketers and MLM success coaches who make up
the mentoring team \"Auspicious Wishes.\" Their website, \"Auspicious Wishes -
Mentoring for Success,\" offers a complete Network Marketing resource guide of tools,
tips and training for MLM success. It includes free resources, essential tools and
crucial information regarding the network marketing industry and discusses solutions
for the following areas of concern for most home-based business owners: the
principles of network marketing, evaluating MLM opportunities, effective prospecting
through relationship training, leadership skills, marketing tips, success
motivation, self-development and much more.

Auspicious Wishes offers a free proven duplicatable system anyone can follow in
order to learn to build their MLM business inside their comfort zone. They advocate
no selling to friends and family - in fact, no selling at all. Their mentoring team
is a network of people helping people to achieve their goals and dreams by sharing
their own knowledge freely and without hesitation. Visitors will learn to build
their business through relationships and will receive complete training in
relationship marketing.

No company names or products are ever mentioned and there is no attempt to recruit
anyone. Roberto and Monte are simply giving away, at no cost, valuable information
that was passed along to them or discovered through their own experience.

Visitors will be trained on how to never \"close a sale\" and to never \"recruit\" while
still building a huge residual income. Roberto and Monte instead teach how to build
a business through relationships using the free complete training they offer in
relationship marketing. The goal is to attract the right people to a business by
simply listening and caring about them, creating phenomenal team retention rates!

Using the training and resources provided, they give instruction on becoming a
network marketing leader. Mentoring a downline in order to effectively create
leaders who can take care of their own groups is the only way to build a large,
massive organization. To this end, \"Auspicious Wishes\" offers access to free
leadership training via conference calls five days a week - a total of ten calls
offered at no cost.

Perhaps one of the most essential skills they teach is being able to read and
understand any company\'s Policies and Procedures and evaluate its Compensation Plan.
These constitute a contract with the company and are crucial to the success of any
business! Roberto and Monte emphasize the importance of learning to consider all the
areas that are critically important to network marketing success from a business

A free personal development course is also offered which is designed to rid the mind
of life\'s negative processing, and adopt a winning attitude instead, in order to
become skilled at easily being able to find solutions to keep moving forward in a
positive direction and give focus in order to successfully achieve set goals.

However, the most valuable resource offered is a free downloadable e-book, \"Success
in 10 Steps\" - a step-by-step plan anyone can use to create income from home. It
offers insider secrets from 26 years in network marketing. It is completely generic
containing no affiliate links, mentioning no specific companies and is designed to
be the Complete Network Marketer\'s Desk Reference.

The objective of \"Auspicious Wishes - Mentoring for Success\" is to provide as many
people as possible with valuable information and equip them with skills for success
in order for their dreams to become their reality. Roberto and Monte offer this
information to the network marketing community with an open mind, an enthusiastic
attitude, a willingness to help others and a vision of success and freedom that they
hope to pass on to others.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Auspicious Wishes
Roberto Ramirez and Terry Montague
4113 Maple St.
North Little Rock, AR 72118
Phone: (501) 753-9397

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