BrightArrow Technologies announces its new Digital Voice Dialer for Schools

Released on = February 28, 2007, 5:57 pm

Press Release Author = Popular automated voice message dialer now available in a
revolutionary new package that operates over the Internet

Industry = Education

Press Release Summary = Popular automated voice message dialer now available in a
revolutionary new package that operates over the Internet

Press Release Body = BELLEVUE, WA -- March 5, 2007 -- BrightArrow has released its
latest product, the BrightArrow Digital Voice Dialer for Schools. Digital Voice
Dialer, available immediately, is a revolutionary new approach for automatic dialing
and speaking pre-recorded voice messages to groups of recipients.
Schools greatly benefit by automated calling of parents and employees for various
purposes. Some common uses include: notification of unexcused absences, reminders
for parent-teacher meetings, extracurricular event updates, or even alerts of
emergencies or schedule changes due to inclement weather.
What is unique about Digital Voice Dialer is that instead of using phone lines and
phone systems, the dialing is done entirely over broadband Internet. The calls
still reach parents and staff members on their home phones, cell phones and voice
mails, but schools no longer pay for or maintain extra phone lines or telephony
boards. In fact, since most phone conversations today use Voice-over-IP inside the
phone company anyway, the Digital Voice Dialer simply bypasses the middleman -
eliminating the inherent costs, hardware interfaces and audio conversions necessary
in legacy automated dialers.
According to Marc Porter, IS Manager for the 5,300 student Eastmont School District
in central Washington state, "I would highly recommend it to other schools. Not
only is it easy to use, but it has been extremely effective in the communication
aspect with parents. If they don't know what is going on, they can't make changes
-- they can't make things happen. There is no reason not to implement it, really.
You are going to have something that's easy to use, something that is going to be
effective, and something that is going to benefit not only the school, but is going
to benefit the community."
"This is a revolutionary change in school-to-parent communications. As the first
software-only auto-dialing solution, the cost for purchasing and maintaining the
system is amazingly low," said Raymond Bily, CEO of BrightArrow. "Using the same
software interface and attendance software integration that we developed for 3Com
in their popular Education Module, the installation and maintenance is a breeze
compared to legacy automated dialers. Rarely do technology breakthroughs allow you
to receive the same set of powerful features at an 80% lower cost than existing
products, but Digital Voice Dialer does just that. Yet you still receive the
robust, flexible yet intuitive interface you have come to expect in the most
expensive automated dialers."
Tracy Knapp, Director of Product Management for BrightArrow Technologies, adds:
"For schools, we have dramatically changed the current pricing model that consumes
school budgets. By reducing the operating costs, it generates a surplus that the
school can now use for improvements and security to protect our children. In the
public arena and even in the general business world, dialer products are often too
pricey. Because of advancements in technology, we are changing this. It wasn't
that long ago that owning a cell phone was only for the wealthy. Most people can
afford cell phones now, and with Digital Voice Dialer, organizations can now afford
an automatic dialer. We\'re so convinced that people will find this as an easy,
robust, and new way to dial from now on, that we are letting everyone try it out at
no cost for two weeks."
So that schools can better understand the cost benefits, both in terms of
installation cost and maintenance budget needs, a cost/feature comparison chart
between Digital Voice Dialer and the popular legacy automatic dialers is available

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BrightArrow Technologies, Inc.
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