CD-Rom version of Logistics directory now available directly from Logismarket website to meet industry needs

Released on = February 12, 2007, 5:33 am

Press Release Author = Jenny Simpson, Web Certain for Logismarket

Industry = Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary = The Logismarket digital resource for purchasing managers and
other logistics professionals is now available directly from the Logismarket website

Press Release Body = The Logismarket digital resource for purchasing managers and
other logistics professionals is now available directly from the Logismarket website

The Logismarket CD-Rom version of the popular and powerful digital logistics
directory is available in eight languages and contains listings for more than 40,000
industrial products and services. Logismarket's directories can be fully accessed
online on their network of sites across Europe, but there has been strong demand
from purchasing managers and other professionals for an off-line solution.

The directory is a comprehensive and user-friendly search engine for logistics
professionals, enabling them to search for any product they may require for their
business in one place.

Miguel Davila of Logismarket explains: "From conducting research on our customers
in the UK and across Europe, we discovered a strong need to provide them with more
options for managing their procurement needs."

"To give people the option to search online, through a print catalogue and with the
CD-Rom adds a great value to our business."

"The reality is that most companies have several people responsible for ordering and
arranging transportation services, new technology and storage solutions, it
important to cater for the different working methods of these individuals. For
example, often branch offices limit their internet connections, or have personnel
who feel happier working off-line."

The Logismarket CD-Rom will be distributed to existing Logismarket customers across
Europe, enabling 260,000 professionals to regularly search the Logismarket directory
via the CD-Rom.

The CR-Rom is currently available in eight languages (English, German, Dutch,
French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish).

It allows immediate access to complete listings of all the companies and products in
the Logismarket directory, across the eleven categories, including transport
management and industrial consulting services.

The Logismarket research revealed that ease-of-use was the most important
requirement for users of the Logismarket industrial directory CD-Rom and it has been
designed with this in mind. The programme is easy to install, with no advanced IT
expertise required.

During October 2006, in excess of 845,000 users visited the Logismarket network of

By the end of 2006, over 2,800 companies, with more than 40,000 product listings
have been entered in the Logismarket directories.

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Contact Details = Jenny Simpson
Online News & PR Manager
Web Certain
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Northminster Business Park
YO26 6QW

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